Have you ever considered planting your flowers and vegetables in a raised bed? The advantages are numerous.Raised beds are quite different than garden planters. Planters are containers that are elevated and have bottoms which prevent the soil from falling out. The bottoms also have slats or holes which allow for drainage. However, raised beds do not have bottoms; instead, they are open to the ground. This provides the benefit of allowing plant roots to grow into the ground for any available nutrients.

Here are some of the advantages to using raised gardens:

  1. Weed Control. The raised garden is planted above existing soil. This allows you to use weed barriers which can be placed between the ground and the soil in the garden box.
  2. Better Soil. Planting a garden directly in the ground limits you to using the soil that’s already there. That soil might not be the best for gardening. You can add mulch and compost to improve the soil but it is a difficult task to manage. However, when you have a raised garden bed, you can fill it with the soil that will work best for your garden. This will help your plants grow more successfully.
  3. Pest Control. You can keep out critters such as ground hogs, squirrels and moles easily, simply by placing chicken wire beneath the raised garden and above the box. This will effectively keep these pests from your precious plants.
  4. Portability.  A raised garden box can be moved around in your yard. This is especially handy if you decide to do some landscaping and change the design of your yard.
  5. Accessible. Probably the best thing about raised beds is that you can easily reach every single plant in the garden. This allows you to easily water, weed, inspect and pick the plants.
  6. Higher Yields. Raised gardens generally produce more fruit and vegetables as a result of the better soil that you are able to use.
  7. Frugality. Seeds can be quite expensive. Often when you plant in traditional “in-ground” garden, you start by scattering the seeds. Then you thin the plants as they grow which wastes seeds. However when you plant in a raised bed garden, you are able to plant only the seeds that you need.
  8. Longer Growing Season. Your gardening season is determined by the temperature of the soil. The soil in a raised garden box will warm up much more quickly in the spring than the ground soil.
  9. Aesthetically Pleasing. Your raised garden beds will always look neat and tidy. Raised garden beds also inspire some creative ideas in the garden. Don’t be afraid to try something new in your garden design.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to try raised garden beds this spring. There are so many different styles and types available you will surely find something that will suit your tastes and needs. Need some help choosing? Contact the professionals at Evergreen for some great ideas and advice.