As the holiday season begins to kick into full gear, homeowners might start thinking about how they are going to outfit their homes with Christmas decorations. If you happen to be one of them, you might want to consider adding a touch of elegance to your residence this year by using a grapevine reindeer.

Grapevine deer have become very popular outdoor decorating items because they rank high on the list of beautiful garden sculptures, but they are an equally stunning addition to any indoor décor. Grapevine deer are the perfect accent to your home, cabin or property.

You can let these natural figures be part of rejoicing the holiday season because they fit into any home, garden or outside home décor effortlessly and majestically. Grapevine deer will bring beauty and nature to your home or garden as a powerfully sculptural interpretation of the beauty of nature.

Grapevine deer come in a variety of shapes, sizes, proportions, positions and heights. They are made as either a doe, fawn or male deer. Talented crafters construct the deer form by collecting prunings from the vines in the fall after the grapes have been harvested. Retailers offer them in both lighted with mini-lights and plain styles and they are easy to assemble. Today’s commercial grapevine reindeer are outfitted with energy-efficient cool white LED lights.

If you choose the natural, plain style, you can decorate the deer with a colourful ribbon to match the season and shine a spotlight on the deer for a dramatic effect. Some of the styles are animated with a mechanical mechanism that allows the deer to turn its head from side to side or up and down. For a more dramatic effect, you can make a grouping of grapevine deer to add a heartwarming and natural outdoor holiday display to your home.

Grapevine products are made from natural materials that are 100% natural growing vines that are quite stiff and unyielding. The vines are then soaked and softened before the natural form is carefully created by winding it around wooden stake frames. Some of the sinewy vines are woven over welded steel forms to construct the gracefully curving sculpture.

It’s a marvel to see how the crafters perfectly parallel placement of the vines over the form, which is a study in strength and endurance. It’s equally impressive how such a stiff material like grapevines can be formed into these figures to convey such a soft and natural looking setting.

Most grapevine deer are remarkably stable and most come with a heavy gauge steel pin to anchor the deer into the ground through a loop in the feet. In order to help your deer last longer, it is recommended that you spray a water seal polyurethane product over the form after one year to protect the natural material. The seal will also help to preserve the colour from fading and allow you to leave your deer outside for the remainder of the season and for many years to come.

Getting your home ready for the magic of the holidays is a wonderful experience to get the entire family into the holiday spirit. More often than not, those who decorate their homes outdoors use strings of festive lights, but you can be the exception by taking your front yard to a whole new level by adding grapevine deer to your display.

Where to Buy Grapevine Deer

The image provided above was from the Dirt Simple Blog, and can be purchased from Detroit Garden Works. These are probably the best Grapevine Deer we have seen, and they are a long term investment that will last you decades. You can also purchase Grapevine Deer from Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes.