The community of Aldershot is located west of Burlington Ontario beside Lake Ontario. Aldershot is a great town to settle down in, with many beautiful neighbourhoods covered with old trees and wildlife.

Aldershot Community

With excellent access to multiple highways, such as the 403 and QEW, Aldershot provides a quiet neighbourhood in an extremely convenient location just south of the GTA. The older quaint neighbourhoods of Aldershot just off of Plains Road, are on large well-maintained lots and the landscaped appearance reflects the character of many heritage quality residences. The large mature trees lining the streets add to the beauty of the area. A good many of the homes are bungalows and are perfect for empty nesters who want to downsize. There are also new home developments with condo townhouses, condo apartments and a new apartment complex.

One of its most beautiful features is the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), the biggest botanical garden in Canada. Here you can find over 27 kilometers of walking trails with plenty of animals and wildlife living in their natural habitats on the RBG grounds.

Aldershot Soil Type

Aldershot has very unique soil, making it a great environment for different types of gardening and vegetation, as well as providing ideal conditions for construction and development. Because of its proximity to the bay, Aldershot has areas comprised of sandy soil, perfectly suited to grow vegetation such as melons. This sandy soil is very light to maneuver in large quantities because the particles are more spread out, so the soil is less dense. This also causes the soil to warm up much quickly after a winter deep freeze because the air around the participles warms up faster than the particles could warm up themselves. Construction projects can happen faster and more efficiently when soil types are easy to work with. This quality, paired with the existing landscape and culture of the town makes Aldershot a great location for further development and expansion.

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