Any homeowner who has a new swimming pool installed knows that it is indeed a lovely addition to their home. Swimming pool installations have changed a great deal over the years with the advent of the extended outdoor living concept. You can’t build a custom swimming pool without some features that make it unique.

Even for those on a budget or limited space requirements, you have the ability to add some snazzy pool features that will make you the envy of your friends and neighbours. From the soothing sounds of bubblers to lighting, the extras will make your inground pool stand apart as the best spot for lounging and entertaining.

First, the Fabulous Pool

If you have always wanted a pool, vinyl swimming pools are more affordable than ever, and a new one can be professionally installed in about seven days! You can customize your pool to match your needs, wants and desires when it comes to shape, size, colour and design. You can do some research ahead of time through online searches of pictures of pools you love or how you’d like your dream retreat to look when it’s completed. A professional landscape design company can help you enhance your poolscape with gardens, patios, decks and waterfalls.

Swimming Pool Features, Pool Fountains and Waterfalls

Here’s the fun part where you get to let your inner desires come out to play. As with all inground pools, a variety of swimming pool features, pool fountains and waterfalls can be added to your pool to take it to the next level. Whether you prefer understated simplicity or all the bells and whistles, there are a variety of features that can make your swimming pool and surrounding area distinctive.

Here are seven features that can be added alone, or in combination, that will transform your backyard into a poolside oasis.

Falling Waterfalls

Sheer Waterfalls can add a breathtaking element. Part waterfall, part deck jet, a sheer water feature provides a sheet-like cascade of water into your pool. It can serve as a dramatic focal point while being nearly silent (or loud depending on its height).


These elaborate water features date back to the Roman era and typically built as a cave-like structure that surrounds a spa. You can add it to your pool as a gorgeous getaway. Grottos can be either natural or man-made; the choice is yours.

Tanning Ledge

When you can’t be bothered to get out of the pool and find your deck chair, a separate shallow area is a perfect option for sun worshippers. Tanning ledges can also double as a kid’s pool for easy supervision.

LED Lights

Lighting can make your pool unbelievably breathtaking at night, and every pool needs the appropriate lighting features to match its style. Not only will they illuminate the water after dark, but they also add a design element that is unrivaled by other features.


Create a display of colour and beauty by planting flower beds. You can mix desert rock with unique succulents for an eye-popping addition. As long as you choose the right plants, this pool feature can shield the water from unwanted debris and provide shade for hot summer days.

Fire Pit

Turn a raised stone platform into a cozy nook where your guests can warm up between evening dips. This is the perfect mood setter and ultimate in luxury for your backyard.

Custom Spa

A hot tub is one of the main factors many homeowners consider when building a custom swimming pool. A spa is ideal for rest and relaxation. It can ease muscle tension and promote harmony between mind and body.

So Many Choices

Whichever features you decide to add, these or others, your poolside backyard will turn into a thing of beauty. It will be a place where you can relax, entertain friends and surround yourself in the ultimate luxury of a secluded retreat.