With summer coming to a close, including a fire pit to your backyard landscaping may be just the motivation you need to keep enjoying the outdoors. Throw in some marshmallows and a few cozy blankets and you are all set. If you are considering adding a fire pit to your landscaping, first make sure that your municipality allows them! Evergreen Landscapes offers landscaping and hardscaping services to Burlington, Hamilton, Aldershot and the surrounding area. The following are the residential fire pit regulations for each area.

Burlington Fire Pit Regulations

In the Burlington area, a fire pit, a chiminea, and any kind of outdoor fireplace is considered “open air burning.” This kind of outdoor fire requires an open air burning permit. To obtain an open air burning permit, all you have to do is complete an online application form. You can find the link to the open air buring form here.  However, there are restricted areas within the city of Burlington. For example, if you live in the urban area south of Dundas Street / Highway 407. Furthermore, in all cases it is illegal to burn garbage, and petroleum products (tires, shingles, plastics, etc). For each new permit a Fire Prevention Inspector will inspect the site to assess any danger to nearby combustible materials.

Fire Pit Laws for Hamilton and Ancaster

Like Burlington, fire pits as well as campfires, and chimineas are considered open air burning. Only those with a burning permit can use these devices, and only if they live within the rural areas of Hamilton and Ancaster. The open air burning regulations are outlined under By-Law 02-283 for the City of Hamilton. To obtain a permit costs $10, and it is valid for one calendar year. Your fire must remain under 2 metres x 2 metres to a height of 1 metre. And like Burlington, you may not burn any garbage or petroleum products – only clean wood and brush. You can purchase an open air burning permit at the Fire Prevention West Office, Mountain Office, and East Office as well as a number of Fire Stations and municipal service stations. For all the details about Hamilton open air burning permits, consult this brochure.

Fire Pit Inspiration

At Evergreen Landscapes our job is to bring your landscaping vision to life! For many of our clients this includes creating an outdoor living space. Fire pits are a fantastic way to add weeks, even months to the time you spend enjoying the great outdoors. You might consider adding a firepit to your outdoor kitchen, or including a fire pit in your outdoor seating, or patio area. Our qualified team will work with you to ensure municipals regulations and permits are followed, and that your outdoor living space is as safe and family friendly as possible.

If you’re interested to hear more about incorporating a fire pit into your landscaping project, contact Evergreen Landscapes today!  Our premium landscape design company serves the Hamilton, Burlington & Oakville region.