Though winter is about to blast us with icy winds, freezing temperatures and properties that lay dormant in a blanket of white, you can still daydream about landscaping projects for next spring while you drudge through the snow.  This posting is a review of some previous landscape projects that will, hopefully, inspire you for the warmer months to come.

Landscaping your yard has many benefits including its special aesthetic value. When you landscape your property, you can turn an underutilized space into a showcase of creativity and versatility that is unique, visually appealing and highly functional. Over the last decade, landscape designing has come of age and people are spending more time outdoors in their backyards.
Today’s homeowners are investing in professional landscape design companies that can offer them a blend of natural beauty, updated looks, usefulness and homely charm. Ultimately, the investment you make today will pay off in the long run because a beautifully landscaped property can increase your home’s property value by 20 percent.
Here are four landscape design projects with links to some informative articles and great pictures to inspire you for next spring while you’re plodding through the dreary winter months.


Patios play an important role in most backyards. It’s the perfect place for relaxing with family and friends. It’s an engaging outdoor room and entertainment area where grills, fire pits, outdoor furniture, a hot tub, planters and décor are all combined. To have the best and most functional patio design, you need to consider exposure to sun and shade, proximity to the house and outdoor views. Enhancing a patio area can be done easily and very economically. patio ideas in pictures pictures

Water Features:

The beauty and tranquility that a water garden adds to a backyard is incentive enough to create one of these stunning landscaping features. Water gardens can transform any outdoor living space into a natural oasis of serenity while creating a habitat to attract birds and butterflies.Complete pond kits will help you easily install a beautiful water garden. They come in a variety of sizes, specifications and can suit any size budget.


An arbor is a great renovation idea for the backyard because it enhances your outdoor living space with a beautiful garden structure. It can define an entrance, guide a visitor through the garden, provide purely aesthetic beauty or be a functional part of the landscape by supporting a gate, a bench or a climbing plant. You can even install arbors in your vegetable garden.  Metal arbors are reminiscent of the Victorian era, while wooden arbors make an entrance feel casual and inviting. In a cottage garden, a simple wooden bench arbor can give you a beautiful place to sit in your garden. Arbors come pre-made and ready for installation or you can buy an arbor kit and put it together yourself.

Outdoor Kitchens:

If you love cooking and entertaining outdoors while surrounded by the sounds of nature, then a functional, custom-built outdoor kitchen is the ideal renovation. It will improve your outdoor living space, create a stylish atmosphere of relaxation, enhance your outdoor experience and increase the property value of your home. Whether you have a large backyard or limited space, an outdoor kitchen is great addition to your backyard. Nowadays, most outdoor grilling centers have evolved into an extension of the living space of the home. They have become a focal point of the landscape and many homeowners incorporate the same conveniences that they have in their indoor kitchens kitchen designs