As summer gears up and you begin to think about the importance of a good lawnmower for creating a perfect lawn both by performance and functionality, you may want to consider one of these top rated mowers for 2016. Mowing the lawn is a very important part of proper yard care and your lawnmower is an integral part of that process.

There are a host of benefits associated with regularly mowing the lawn that make it well worth it in the end, but you want to have the best equipment possible to accomplish your goal. Mowing your lawn serves a two-fold purpose, such as the cosmetic benefits of a properly cut lawn for a manicured appearance and keeping your lawn healthy by redistributing nutrients back into the soil. It also helps to eliminate pesky insects when your lawn is properly cut; therefore having the right lawnmower for the job will make your life easier and more satisfying. The folks at Popular Mechanics have provided a review of the top 8 lawnmowers that they consider to be the best machines for 2016 with an explanation of their likes and dislikes and why they have reached their conclusion. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

1. Craftsman 37436

The likes for this model is considered to be “A sweet ride” according to one of their testers for the quick-clipping Craftsman. One example of its smart design is the spring-loaded height adjustment with a pull up on the red grip at each wheel and pivot to the correct height setting. When you let go of the handle, the height-adjustment pin snaps back into its hole. This model also has a well-shielded drive belt under the deck and responsive squeeze-handle drive lever. The dislikes were that the machine was louder than other models and the grass built up under the deck at the rear mulch plug. However, this did not interfere with mowing.

2. John Deere JS36

The likes for this model was its easy-going operation. The machine’s drive speed is quick to adjust using its pivoting top handle. There is little rolling resistance that with the engine off, the machine just skates down the driveway. The start-up is easy with just one pull and one easy pivoting lever raises and lowers the deck. The dislikes is the pivoting top-hand is better suited for simple cut patters rather than elaborate back and forth action or pivoting moves required by some yards.

3. Honda HRX2172VKA

The likes for this model is like a luxury car for walk behind mowers. The machine leaves a velvet finish due to a unique dual blade and domed plastic deck that keeps the clippings suspended during the cutting. The mower stays unusually clean as it cuts, whether it’s wet or dry and even plows through a pile of dry leaves. It has a large fuel cap that’s easy to turn and a tool-free air filter access. The dislikes are the design of the deck-lift levers, which are small and uncomfortable to use.

4. Husqvarna 7021R

The likes for this model is that it is equipped with an overhead-cam Honda engine that is powerful. It is one of the last machines with a choke lever that is handy for cold-climate users who prefer a slightly fuel-rich start. When you shift to choke and pull on the recoil start handle, it starts instantly and the choke lever travels automatically to the run position. It has responsive speed control, single lever deck adjustment and excellent below deck shielding of the drive belt. The dislikes are that the control bar is uncomfortable.

5. Poulan Pro PR625YRKP

The likes for this model is that it starts easily either with a pull or with a key ignition option. The dislikes on this mower outweighed the likes considerably with the rear-wheel brackets being flimsy. The drive belt under the deck was poorly protected, and grass cutting left the belt area plugged.

6. Snapper SPVH21675

The likes for this model is that the Snapper is equipped with a device called a Fresh Start insert in its gas cap. This device slowly releases a drip of concentrated fuel preservative into the gas tank. This is helpful for preserving the gas in the mower instead of your gas can because you’re always assured of stabilized fuel during the cutting season. The dislikes is that the top handle is better for cutting open area, not back and forth mowing.

7. Toro 20332

The likes for this model is that Toro offers top to bottom attention to detail. The mowers are designed for a variety of users and mowing condition. It comes with a collection bag, or you can switch over to mulching the grass with a flip of a lever near the rear wheel. You can mow at your own pace by simply pushing more firmly against the hand. It has a fitting where you can attach a garden hose for washing the deck underside and a three year warranty that covers the mower’s drive system. The dislikes could not be noted with this machine.

8. Troy-Bilt TB230

The likes for this model are pretty much summed up by the word “value”. It gives you a deck height control with two levers (instead of the usual 4), a deck washout fitting, a simple and responsive drive control and the ability to handle pumps and bulging roots because of its 11-inch diameter rear wheel. It is a hard-working and manoeuvrable mower that is easy on your wallet. The dislikes is that the front deck comb is too sharp to that you need to protect your hands when lifting it into a vehicle.

The Best Lawnmower

So there you have it. Surely one of these top rated mowers will do the trick for your lawn and make your summertime mowing a more pleasurable endeavor.

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