For many homeowners, the change of season and the colours of fall is their favorite time of year to create and design fall arrangements for their home.

Inspiration can be found all around in nature, such as your backyard with the turning leaves, fall asters, Chrysanthemums, ornamental grasses and the abundance of pumpkins, kale and gourds. Whether you plan on creating beautiful floral arrangements for the outside of your home or unique interior designs, the possibilities are endless.

For the interior of the home, you can never go wrong with adding fall flowers as an arrangement with their rich colour, fragrant aroma and versatile styles. Fall flower arrangements are excellent front door accents and decorating your porch or patio with garden containers, planters, baskets or wheelbarrows provide a focal point of interest. Your home will look cheerful and interesting, inviting your friends and family to relax and enjoy the colours of fall.

There are many choices for you to explore your creativity when you’re decorating your porch, entryway, door, or patio.


To get the right colour combination you should start by determining the main color for your fall arrangement, then build upon it. Single color designs are fine and work well, but a colour-coordinated arrangement has extra visual appeal.

Among the most powerful components of any fall flower arrangement is its colour scheme. Select and organize flowers and foliage according to the elements and principles of design in order to attain a pleasing and interesting look. Autumn palettes include bright hues, warm yellows, orange and red tones that can be combined with purple, brown and green for an effective arrangement. Shades of red, purple, pink, orange and yellow make a breathtaking combination for any fall décor. They add charm and excitement to both indoor and outdoor designs with their warm inviting tones and distinctive appearance. The combination colours of red berries, brown pine cones, acorns, fruits, branches and kale with its deep purple hue make for a full bodied look in any display arrangement.


Use accessories like containers that reflect the style of your home to give it curb appeal so that the placement of the arrangement looks good from the street as well as close up. The plants and the container should complement the landscape of home. If your house is red brick, use plants of a similar colour hue so that the tones will not clash with the house.

Containers come in many styles and height and the arrangements are easy to put together and maintain. You can add succulents, colourful mums, asters or ornamental grasses in reds, bronzes and deep purples in potted urns or tall containers for a dramatic effect. You should also take texture into consideration when mixing the plants for the arrangement, such as texture heavy plants with smooth elements, such as pumpkins.

Container plantings provide a great opportunity to extend the season. They can offer colour and interest in an otherwise-subdued landscape. Containers can be used to celebrate the change of season with interesting arrangements for any outdoor living space with the colours and plants that show off autumn in all its glory.

Front Entry:

The colours of autumn are so rich and vibrant that it provides plenty of options for front entryway arrangements such as a mix of flowers, leafy branches, gourds, pumpkins and mums. A front door wreath using a large natural wreath of fall flowers, like hydrangea, provide an attractive focal point. You can even add straw bales and dried cornstalks to add natural and neutral texture to any front porch scene.

Remember to use varying heights of your fall elements to draw your attention to the front door. For an added attraction, an antique wheelbarrow or old wooden wagon near your door is a wonderful added attraction. You can fill it with a cheery mix of fall gourds, berry vines, and pumpkins. Not only is it visually stunning, it conveys a friendly fall welcome.

Mother Nature:

All of the ingredients and supplies that you need to make a beautiful fall arrangement are literally outside your backdoor in your yard, so get out your pruners and start creating. Even if you don’t have a backyard, there are plenty of places you can go to find materials to create your displays, such as garden centers, nature trails and locally owned farms. Regardless where you search, Mother Nature has provided a wide assortment for colourful materials to inspire beautiful fall arrangements.