Gardeners dread the dead of winter because they’ve lost one of their most favourite pastimes, but winter can be a perfect time for some indoor winter gardening projects.  By using a bit of imagination, patience and creativity, winter is the perfect time to get moving on key tasks to keep your thumb green throughout the cold and snowy season.

Garden Journals

Start a garden journal to record what and where you planted last year and how you felt that everything went including what you might change for the upcoming season.

Gardening Books

Reading about gardening can be a wonderful pastime on those blustery winter days. The pages of inspirational gardening books, magazines and catalogues can help you to lose yourself in the spring and summer months that you enjoy so much.

Planting Map

Create a planting map of your garden. You can use the planting map as a guide for ordering seeds or buying from your local garden center in the coming months.


The winter months are an opportune time to consult with landscapers and other gardening professionals. During these months, you will find that they have more time to give you their personal attention, advice and tips.

Check Out Seed Catalogues

Seed catalogues are a great source of information if you’re planning to experiment with more exotic specimens this year. If you order early, you will get the best selections of seeds for window box plantings. Catalogues are a great way to get some inspiration for varieties you may not have otherwise have known about in the market.

Tending Indoor Plants

Your indoor houseplants plants may need a bit of extra attention at this time of year. On very cold nights, move your plants that need a natural light source to the center of the room away from drafty windows.  Since the house is drier inside during the winter, make sure that your plants have sufficient humidity by setting a cup of water nearby.

Growing Indoors

One of the breakthroughs in small indoor growing is the use of T5 fluorescent bulbs. They’re wonderful for growing greens, aren’t as expensive as high-intensity discharge lamps and use less electricity. They’re also great for keeping your seedlings growing when you start plants indoors.

There are many benefits of winter gardening. There is something satisfying about taking care of plants you’re growing indoors, particularly if they’re going to be part of dinner. So, why not start some greens now that will be ready for a salad about the time you’re just setting the other plants out?

Clean Your Garden Tools

Winter is a great time to take inventory of all your gardening tools. Look over your equipment to make sure everything is safe from the elements and toss any broken or damaged tools. Remember to record anything you need to replace in your garden journal and get lawn mowers serviced, sharpen your shears and clean your pots, so everything is like new when you’re ready to head back into the garden.

Winter Gardening Makes for Spring Readiness

Gardeners just can’t wait until the days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the gardens come alive again, but with a few indoor winter gardening projects, it will pass the time away faster until spring arrives.

All of our employees at Evergreen Landscapes have a horticulturist diploma and would be pleased to discuss winter gardening projects with you. Feel free to contact us today!