The landscaping of your home can bring a lot to the overall ambiance of your outdoor space, but at night it can be really difficult to really see the landscaping work you’ve done. If you’re looking for a way to add a little something extra to your landscaping, lighting is a great way to emphasize the work you’ve done to make your house look polished. If you’re looking for a few lighting ideas for your landscaping that will really take your Hamilton home to the next level, here are a few ideas to think about.

Pathway Lighting

Adding lights to the pathways around your house can really look stunning, but it can also be a functional addition as well. Lighted pathways make the experience of walking around your home after dark much safer. If you have a brick pathway or winding cobblestone walkway, adding lighting to it can give a very magical feeling to your outdoor space – especially if you spend a lot of time entertaining and with your family outside.

Pond Lighting 

Have you spent a lot of time putting a pond into your outdoor space? Why not make sure it is always visible for everyone to enjoy, and not just during the day. Lighting can make water features really pop – especially at night. You can even add in coloured lighting – if you’d like. For the most dramatic effect, try putting the lighting right in the water itself (as opposed to around the perimeter of the pond).

Uplighting Trees & Shrubs

Adding lights to the trees and shrubs on your property can really highlight your landscaping, but using uplighting is that little something extra. To uplight the trees and shrubs around your home, you take outdoor lighting and place them at the base of the trees and angle it up towards the foliage of the tree. This lighting can also help with statues and sculptures if you have them in your yard. Some outdoor lights offer multiple colours to use for doing this, but just using white looks classic and timeless.

Exterior Floodlights

Your home is beautiful, but when it’s dark outside, it can be really difficult to show off the architecture of your home for others to see. If you add exterior floodlights, in addition to being a security feature, floodlights can really highlight specific architectural features of your home. If you’re going to add these to your home, make sure you remember to position them in a way that they are not shining into the windows of your home directly because they can prevent you and your family from falling asleep at night.

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