I can’t say enough about this company!

We hired Evergreen to rebuild our font patio, create a path beside the driveway and also level and repair the back patio stones and step. This was all in prep to eventually sell our house, little did we know we would want to sell so quickly! We found our dream home away from the city and bought it right after we had hired this work. Craig was immediately so helpful in finding ways to get the work done faster as well as suggesting we didn’t have to do as much work as originally booked- we ended up excluding the path beside the driveway which saved us time and money. All in order to help us get the house on the market ASAP. He made it all work AND his crew did an amazing job!

So grateful for your caring professionalism, the house looked amazing and we did very well with the sale, no doubt the curb appeal had something to do with it!

Thank you!

Mollie Fisher

There is not enough adjectives to describe how happy we are with the recent backyard renovation done by Craig and his team. if you are reading reviews then look no further than this company….you won’t regret it.

This was the second time we used Evergreen which already speaks for itself but there are some really tangible things which added value for us personally

1. In the planning stages, Craig genuinely understood that we as homeowners didn’t have landscaping knowledge (only some basic ideas of what we wanted) but he took his time over several no obligation meetings to share ideas and pictures until he was sure we were all 100% aligned.

2. His team and crew are unbelievable. They are so courteous and considerate of the use of machinery and diggers around the home that we actually received some compliments from neighbours about them stopping and shutting off the machines to let people pass when needed. Not only that but every single one of the team is genuinely enthusiastic to build something that’s beautiful for the customer. We really felt they got a buzz off watching how much we loved the development each day.
At the end of every single day they cleaned up and left our garden as tidy and useable as possible.

3. Every day was an adventure! As we progressed with the build we were constantly coming up with ideas that might look better or be more efficient. If we thought of something we would speak to Roger the foreman and he would try things out for us to look at and decide. They would also come to us and make suggestions as they saw the picture come to life each day. Fundamentally we still came to exactly what we wanted but the attention to each additional detail means we got the “wow factor” that we were looking for.

4. The timing and co-ordination with other companies to do the sprinklers, the lighting and the electrics was seamless. Some days were a little hectic but ultimately what we learned is that Craig and Evergreen work their as**s off to make sure no costly mistakes are made by not having the timing right for everyone

5. Communication was daily and without any surprises. At each juncture or change we knew about any cost impact so had no jaw drop with the final bill when we got it. If we had questions – Craig was always quick to respond which is important.

6. Evergreen were competitive but most importantly at least for us, we will be enjoying the high quality product that they delivered for many many years to come.

Mark Wilson

After doing quite a bit of research online for a quality local landscaping company to do our front yard project, I decided to e-mail Evergreen Landscapes in Waterdown after viewing their website.

I talked to Craig the owner and when we met he gave us prices. material choices and design ideas on what he could provide for our front walkway replacement project.

Within days Craig had drawn up a great plan for our project including garden beds and plantings and forwarded it to me for my approval.

We went ahead with his design and are extremely pleased with the end result, which exceeded our expectations when completed.

His crew is extremely experienced, efficient and courteous and they did a fantastic job!

I would definitely recommend Craig and his crew at Evergreen Landscapes to anyone who wants a beautiful and quality landscape.

Thank You Evergreen Landscapes.

Jamzee Jamzee

We moved into a resale property a year ago. While the property had many good features, the yard had been left to its own devices for a few years, and needed some serious TLC. The project was too overwhelming to tackle on our own. Garden beds were overflowing with exposed landscape fabric, an abundance of river rock, dead plants, weeds and tree stumps. The existing Banas stone patio had some inconveniently placed garden cutouts, the front entrance was unsightly, and a portion of the backyard was being underused. The whole yard needed a refresh to highlight its positive features and increase usage. Thankfully, Evergreen Landscapes came to the rescue! Craig’s experience allowed him to envision a plan for the property that aligned with our interests while maximizing functionality and incorporating creativity. The final project includes a welcoming entrance, a cozy fire area, seamless patio, a screen to hide the pool equipment, and an abundance of colour in the new trees and shrubs, all completed in an impressively short timeline! Even better than Craig’s vision was the professionalism of his team. Through his experience in the Landscape Profession, Craig has connected with very talented partners and employees. Not only were they clean, respectful, and quiet, they demonstrated a high level of expertise and confidence in their work. They sought clarification from us as needed, and shared ideas to ‘take things up a notch’ while remaining within an acceptable budget. I enjoyed having the crew on my property, and would gladly have them back again should we choose to pursue any further outdoor projects! Thank you Evergreen Landscapes for a stress-free experience and a yard we are proud to share!!!

Wendy Telford

Excellent work, exceeded our expectations! We discovered Evergreen Landscapes through google reviews. We were so impressed with what their clients said we decided to give them a call. Craig responded to my inquiry and worked with us to build a hardscape plan for our backyard. The Evergreen team started the project early, worked meticulously and finished on time (fitting in some project additions on our part). Craig was in constant communication with us to ensure everything met our needs, and then some. We can’t say enough about the professional approach, the quality of the work and the team! Simply put, they care about their clients and they want to do great work. Their work exceeded our expectations and we would encourage others to use them as well. Thank you Evergreen, we love our backyard!!

Sandra Rees

We had the pleasure of working with Craig and his team for our backyard project. From our first phone call with Craig, he seemed very warm and extremely knowledgeable which really put us at ease. He was very fast and responsive to inquiries, even when he was extremely busy.

After our design was completed, Craig really kept the important pieces of our project at the forefront of his mind and went above and beyond to secure us beautiful 11-12ft emerald cedars for our privacy hedge during a time of challenging supply and inventory.

After the job started, the crew were very friendly and professional. They had a clear plan of execution every day and were very efficient in using their time. They communicated with us daily and kept us updated on any issues or necessary changes. When issues came up (and they always do in projects like these), Craig and the crew were very open to having discussions in order to find solutions that worked for us. Everyone always remained respectful and exceeded our expectations. They showed good attention to detail and ensured we were happy with every step of the project. When the job was done, they cleaned everything up extremely well and ensured we were happy with the way everything turned out prior to heading on to their next job.

The photos say it all! The yard looks absolutely stunning and we have had many compliments on their work already. It will undoubtedly be a backyard we will enjoy for many years to come.

I have no hesitation in recommending Craig and his team to anyone who is need of a professional landscaping company.

Amir K.

About three years ago Evergreen did our front landscaping . We were extremely pleased with the outcome that when it came to some major landscaping renovations in the backyard we did not hesitate to call them back last summer.

The landscapers were great to work with. The crew is very experienced, creative and hard working. The site was always kept clean. The final results were spectacular and we have received an endless number of compliments. I would definitely recommend Evergreen Landscapes.

Sheila and Hitesh | Mississauga, ON

We have been doing business with Evergreen Landscapes since 1998. Craig’s approach to business is very refreshing. A telephone call is always returned promptly and professionally and he treats the client and their property with respect.

Our landscape project was a new construction with extensive rock gardens, inter-lock driveway and patios, flag stone, detailed plant material, swimming pool and cabana. This project still looks great; plant material has matured and the construction has stood the test of time.

I would not hesitate to recommend Evergreen Landscapes for your landscaping needs.

Marjorie & Ed | Burlington, ON

Evergreen- Thank you for a top quality job landscaping our home from design to finish!

After we renovated and put an addition on our circa 1935 Westdale home, we desperately needed to have the grounds re-landscaped to merge our indoor living space with the outside. We tried working with some other companies who either did not return phone calls, did not seem interested in our project, or did not want to work with our ideas. Craig and his people where able to listen to our ideas, create a plan we loved, and work within our budget.

We had a list of requirements which included wanting to keep the front of our home looking like the old neighbourhood it is in, while blending our backyard with the natural habitat in the rear of the property. Craig’s designer worked with the exits of the home, our needs, and the existing yard to make us a plan we loved.

Craig recognized from the start that we wanted to be part of the process. When the physical work began, his crew was receptive to our input. His crew was great at answering questions and explaining the processes. Craig was always available and easy to talk with. His on-site staff were friendly, courteous, respectful and knowledgeable. When there were decisions to be made they would give us time and information to enable us to make informed decisions. Craig was flexible with changes and was accommodating during our vacation time. We were pleased that Craig was open to using a new walkway product that we wanted even though his crew had not installed it in the past. His stone masons were excellent. They were open to reusing some old stone on the property and sourcing stone to match old where needed. The property now seems more spacious and is better than we imagined. We now have a functional, beautifully landscaped property that came in at the quoted price. Craig was excellent at keeping us informed of costs of different design choices. We are so happy with our outside space. We highly recommend Evergreen Landscapes.

Virginia | Hamilton, ON

I haven’t had a chance to tell you how happy we are with your design and work. Alison was very impressed with how professional and hardworking your crew was. As discussed, I would like to book some additional work in the spring!

R. Modie | Oakville, ON

With over forty years’ experience in the construction industry you learn to appreciate the term “value for your money”. Assessing lowest bids often appeals to clients wishing to save money in the short term but in the long term they usually end up paying for short cuts often found in low bids. With this in mind I look to a contractor’s track record, both in price & performance. Checking references with previous clients is a must; as is seeking truly competitive bids. A contractor with an established reputation & a fair pricing policy for value received, will provide the best of both worlds; one in which both the client & contractor receive fair value. For the aforementioned reasons I chose Evergreen Landscapes to complete our project that included driveway & walkway replacement. The firm paid close attention to detail regarding the early construction stage, materials installation, finishing touches & clean-up. I highly recommend them for their work ethics & fair minded pricing.

Roy | Burlington, ON

During the summer of 2008 we engaged Craig’s company, “Evergreen Landscapes” to enhance their entire front and backyard of our home. Our decision to employ Evergreen Landscapes was based on the impressive work that they recently completed on our neighbors house right beside our home. Our project consisted of several moving parts, concrete forming for the deck in the back, custom stone work, retaining wall with special rocks, custom stone for the driveway, additional brick laying to match the current bricks which were now 5 years old on a new home, plumbing for the sprinkler system and finally the actual landscaping work. Craig effectively became the “Project Manager” for each of those moving parts and all of those trades people updated Craig and Craig updated us on the progress of each stage at which the project was moving forward. I would like to point out that Craig’s role was not one of “Project Manager” however, he took ownership of that role by his very nature and the project success can be attributed to his stewardship and guidance for which we are very grateful. The final design and suggestions in developing our “Dream Front & Backyard” was a complete iterative process between us and Craig’s team at Evergreen. They came to the table with great suggestions, especially types of trees and plants and how the garden will change from season to season, just solid ideas all around. Costs predictions at the start of the project matched the actual final invoicing and we did receive some extra little items thrown in from each of the trades people who worked on our project and I would attribute that to good communication all the way around.

My wife and I truly love sitting in our backyard, we have no need to run off to a cottage on the weekends at all. Evergreen Landscapes continues to keep our garden and investment looking absolutely fantastic and we are a happy to come home to perfectly cut grass and manicured gardens.

We are happy to be a reference customer for Evergreen Landscapes, please contact Craig to visit our home and view the work that was done by his professional team.

Adrian | Dundas, ON

We were referred to Evergreen Landscaping by two of our neighbours, one of which had a complex deck built into a ravine. We have a large backyard that backs onto the same ravine and had been advised that our dream backyard may require conservation considerations. Since our neighbours expressed confidence in Evergreen’s ability to navigate such issues and loved their completed yard, we called Craig.

Craig came to our home to discuss our vision and our budget. He patiently waited a year for us to reconcile the two and came back with Al to discuss our idea of a modern design. When the scope of our dream still exceeded our pocketbook, Craig and his team happily worked with us through a few incarnations, including revised 3-D colour drawings, until we were satisfied. Al’s renderings even included specific plantings throughout the yard that would complete the look. This level of detail helped us visualize and make more informed design and cost decisions.

They indulged our desire for clean, straight lines and made suggestions of what products would best fulfill our concept. In addition to product catalogues, Craig recommended suppliers to visit and even brought a stone sample unique to our job! The stone was from a quarry in the Kawarthas and could be cut in large blocks to satisfy both our look and our retaining needs. Fortunately, the plan allowed us to do the work without having to work with the Conservation Authority and incur any additional time and costs. Our design was coming together, and we were excited to get started!

The crew arrived on the date promised with Roger at the lead. Beneath his laid-back demeanor is a man who knows his business! He was very accommodating when the inevitable additions were asked for and nothing was ever a problem. Vanessa and Craig checked in regularly, ensuring our satisfaction with the progress, and kept us informed of the schedule. Even while we travelled for a few days, the crew worked diligently in our absence. They were respectful of us and our neighbours and always kept a tidy work site at the end of the day. Our project was completed in the time line promised and we couldn’t be happier!

We had one minor issue a year following completion where a patio slab had sunk down a few inches. Craig assessed the problem and had it repaired at no cost to us. It is clear that he stands by the design and the work of his team.

From start to finish, we felt comfortable with Craig and his team. They were enthusiastic about our project and cared about every detail as if it were their own. Craig’s integrity is what sold us not only on Evergreen but, other contractors recommended by Craig. If they were good enough for him, they had to be great! Our experience with those professionals and Evergreen has been stellar. Thanks Craig!

We would highly recommend Craig and the Evergreen Landscaping team and look forward to working with them again on our next project!

Terri & Mark D. | Aldershot

I have known Craig for almost 25 years. In all that time, I have never had to follow-up on anything. All my landscaping requirements have been taken care of with great detail and care. Craig and his team are punctual and efficient. I am so happy to have one less concern in my life. Thank you Evergreen Landscapes.

S E | Burlington, ON

The grass guys came on Saturday morning and did and excellent job of laying the turf. The green really makes the stonework “pop”! We love it! Thanks again for a great yard.

Susan | Hamilton, ON

I’m a business owner, with a property right on the main street through downtown Dundas.

It’s important to me to have a visually appealing property. After several years of using a local grass cutting service I switched to Evergreen Landscapes to maximize the aesthetics of my property. I’ve been thrilled with what they have been able to do with our property, and have encouraged others to use their services.

Thie Convery | Dundas, ON

Our relationship with Evergreen has evolved over the last three years. What began with a simple construction project (that was an afterthought to a deck renovation), led to a larger and more detailed functional and creative construction project that literally transformed the property. Today we are proud to share, with all those who comment on how good our property looks, that the difference is, Evergreen!

In the summer of 2009, from the moment that Craig and his construction team began the stone and design work at the back of our property to complement a deck construction, I was impressed. Our deck contractor brought Craig onsite to look at some of our concerns at how the new deck would impact existing landscaping. Working for us at the last minute and without a plan, the team listened to our ideas and presented solutions that were both aesthetic and functional. From the addition of moss rock, to the classic “Evergreen stone staircase”, the finished product was better than what had hoped for!

The following year, in the fall of 2010, we enlisted Evergreen to overhaul a retaining wall bordering our neighbours property (and giving us a stable and usable driveway). Included in this project were other needs: widening and extending the driveway space (allowing for more vehicles and ease of turning vehicles); giving a more functional and aesthetic use to existing stone retainment at the side of our home while tying into a new deck, and adding a regulation basketball hoop along with creatively using pavers to add to the overall effect. The final result: stunning! Highlights of the project included finding a cistern amongst the existing retaining rocks and turning it into a unique waterfall feature; adding a special granite stone to the pavers that included my engraved company logo, and, listening to my dream of having a functioning basketball court designed with pavers – and actually making it happen! I am still as amazed by the design and the quality of the work as I was when I first saw it!

Fast forward to the spring of 2012: It was only natural that we enlisted Evergreen’s property maintenance crew to take over from another local firm that we had used for a number of years. Since Evergreen took over, we have had countless comments about how good our property looks! With Evergreen on the job I never have to prompt them to tend to a specific job or task. And yet, they make it easy to ask for additional care on some aspect of our gardens, shrubbery or lawns – always keen on pleasing us and keen on presenting our property as one they too would be proud of owning.

I recommend Evergreen without hesitation, and complete confidence!

Frances Manias | Dundas, ON

I just wanted to say once again how much we are loving our new front landscaping. Even after only a couple of weeks, it looks like it’s been there forever. Alan’s design was beautiful and Roger and his band of merry men did a fantastic job of interpreting the design, with a few modifications. I can hardly wait for spring to see how things have done over the winter, but right now, things are still really green, the weather’s been co-operative and it’s looking great!

The whole work process was seamless and efficient and at the end of the job, you’d never have known there was a small bulldozer moving giant rocks around on my property! The front lawn was protected and clean-up was total.

Many thanks again and I look forward to our tree shopping expedition in the spring!

Shelia | Stoney Creek, ON

Outstanding workmanship, professionalism, and quality! Evergreen surpassed our expectations right from the very start when each day the crew cleaned up at the end of the day leaving no trace of work in progress.

From the beginning to the end of construction, it was a pleasure to work with Craig and his crew. We have never had such respectful workers who took care not to damage any existing flowers,to the point of carefully transplanting any plants that needed to be moved.

We were given Evergreen’s name and hired them to create a stone patio to tie in with a new deck we were having built in our backyard. Usually having two separate companies work on the same job is a challenge; however, because Craig always responded to phone calls, ensuring that questions were handled in a timely fashion, this was not the case. He listened to and respected our comments.

The crew was superb; the men made subtle suggestions to our design that transformed our ordinary backyard into a masterpiece! Their pride in workmanship was evident. Thank you. We look forward to working with Craig in the future.

Robert | Burlington, ON

When I saw what a beautiful job Evergreen did with my neighbour’s hardscaping, I knew they were the right people for my backyard project. The retaining wall they built for me, using reclaimed stone, was beyond my greatest expectation. I live in a very old house and their stone masons masterfully created a wall that looks as though it has always been there. Exactly the look I was hoping for. I’m so pleased. It’s wonderful to work with a company that takes great pride in what they do. I highly recommend them.

Shirley | Hamilton, ON

In 2009 we chose Evergreen Landscapes to to build out the front of our home. This included an interlock driveway, flagstone steps and complete landscaping with a pathway to the backyard/ The result was outstanding. The commitment to detail and precision was maintained from the first day the team started until our landscape design came to life. What a pleasure to work with a company that is completely invested in exceeding your expectations in every aspect of the project.

We were so pleased with the front yard build we had Evergreen back in 2010 to complete the backyard landscaping. A large interlock patio with a lower level flagstone sitting area and a complete set of landscaped trees, shrubs, beds was completed by Evergreen. As expected Craig’s team of professionals turned our backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space. Everything we discussed up front was done exactly as promised. To see our plans turn to life with the complete focus on quality and perfection only supported the value delivered by this best in class company a 2nd time. We now have a space that was built to last for many, many years and looking fantastic.

If you are seeking a partner when you make an investment as important as your landscape design and build then you should choose Evergreen. Craig cares about your project as if it is the only one he is working on. When you combine an owner that is committed to exceeding expectations and a team on the ground that works to support that objective the result can only mean complete satisfaction. In our case, that this how we felt and we strongly recommend Evergreen Landscapes to support your personal landscape needs.

Michael and Sonja | Stoney Creek, ON

A special thank you to the team at Evergreen Landscapes for the wonderful work they completed to create our family’s backyard retreat!
We shared our ideas and goals for the space – and the team provided options and choices, as we worked together to develop the best plan to meet our requirements.
Craig and Vanessa worked seamlessly with the masonry team, and construction crew from other companies, and truly “took the lead” to ensure our plan was followed effectively, both time wise and budget wise, for all trades involved.
We appreciated their consultative approach, the professionalism shown by all team members, which ensured we had complete confidence throughout the process. We can’t wait to enjoy our outdoor space this summer!
Thank you to the Evergreen Team for a job very well done!

The Roberts Family

We first had Evergreen through our contractor when we redesigned our backyard. When it was time for the front we called no one else but Evergreen. Working directly with them was much better. The job they did was fantastic, on time, and 100% complete. They will not leave a project unless you are 100% satisfied. They are not the cheapest game in town but you would be hard pressed to find someone to out do these guys. I give them 6 out of 5 stars.

John G.


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