Now starting a garden at home may seem like a lot of fun for new gardeners. To start a garden may seem like a simple thing to do, but a lot of new gardeners make a lot of mistakes that damage their gardens. Here are some garden dont’s you’ll want to avoid as a new gardener.

Over Watering Your Garden

A lot of newer gardeners think that if they water their plants a lot the plants will remain healthy. Unfortunately the opposite will happen. Plants need the right amount of water otherwise it can damage the plant. Try and get a feel of how much you should water certain plants because some plants don’t need to be watered every day.


You don’t want to over fertilize your plants. If you give them too much you could have beautiful leafy flowers but not a lot of flowers. Make sure you give the right amount to have the right amount of flowers while keeping the plant healthy.

Big Gardens

Most gardeners want to have a big beautiful garden, but if you’re new to gardening you might want to start off with a smaller garden. Try planting some small plants or maybe even a few veggies. This will allow you to get comfortable with your garden and then you can slowly make your garden bigger each year.

Proper Season

Not all plants bloom in the same time frame. When one plant blooms in one country it doesn’t mean it is going to bloom at the same time in a different country. Make sure you know the time of the year your flowers go into bloom. It will help in making your garden beautiful. You don’t want one flower blooming and everything else not. Try to combine plants that have the same bloom time to make your garden breathtaking.

Invasive Plants

Not all plants are great. Some plants can reseed and spread easily but this is not always good. Some plants are over aggressive and take over your garden. You want to make sure the plants do fill themselves in but you don’t want certain plants to dominate your garden.  Mint, for example will take over your entire garden, so unless you are an avid Mojito drinker, keep the mint out of your garden.

Kill All Bugs

As soon as you see a bug in your garden people feel that it needs to die otherwise it will damage your garden. But a healthy garden has an assortment of bugs and insects in the garden. Yes they may eat some of the leaves in your garden from time to time but bombing your garden with chemicals is never a good idea.

Overcrowded Garden

The more the merrier does not fit into this case. Plants need room to grow and some people will over crowd plants. This will do more damage to the plants since their roots will be competing for water. They would also be competing for sunlight as well. They need these to live but if they are all starved then planting those plants would just be a waste.


You want to remove the weeds as early as you can. You want to get them before they have a root system that can take away the nutrients that your actual plants need. Mulching your garden helps prevent weeds from growing as well.

Preparing New Beds Properly

Make sure to clear all the weeds from your flower bed before planting any plants into your new garden. Make sure you are diligent in digging and pulling the soil in preparation for your garden. New soil does help your garden but spending time in making sure your old garden is weed free makes future preparation in your garden easier and make your work more satisfying.

There is a lot about gardening you can learn. It’s a good pastime, gives you a feeling of satisfaction and keeps you busy. Try and make the most of your gardening, and don’t forget to have fun with it.