Burlington winters are tough on our properties, and they don’t always look their prettiest in the winter with all the slush and salt from the roads. With spring right around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to work on your home’s landscaping and give it that gorgeous finished look we all love. Here are a few ways to bring your home’s landscape to life in the spring. 

Seasonal clean-up

The very first thing you can do to bring your home’s landscape to life this spring is a basic clean-up of the yard. This will go a long way to making your home look its best. Seasonal clean-up includes removing all the debris that gathered over the winter and any branches that might have fallen in your yard. 

Rake it up

Once you have cleaned up the bigger pieces in your yard, it’s time to break out the rake. You can rake up leaves and dead grass to make sure the healthy grass is able to show through and grow properly. 

Prune, prune, prune

It may seem counter-intuitive to start cutting shrubs and bushes that you want to grow, but it’s really the best thing for them. By cutting off the dead pieces, it allows the healthy parts to grow, and you will see more growth from the plants in your yard when you prune them on a regular basis. 

Edge the lawn

This isn’t just about creating an edge between the sidewalk and your lawn, you should also edge between the lawns and your gardens. This can help with the aesthetic for sure, but it can also help to keep the grass from growing into your gardens and keep it looking very neat. 

Thankfully, there are garden tools specifically for edging lawns, so it’s a little easier for you to do this. 

Add new mulch

Does your yard have some mulch areas? Every season, you should take out the old mulch and add new to the area. Not only does this keep it looking fresh, but it also helps to control moisture absorption and prevents weeds from sprouting by keeping them covered up. 

You should also wait until your plants have sprouted so that the mulch doesn’t pile on top of them and prevent the plants you want to grow from growing. 

Fertilize your Grass

A good fertilizer is the best ingredient for ensuring the grass in your yard grows lush and green. The best time to fertilize the grass is just before or just after it rains and this is when the grass will receive it best. 

With these few tips, you can keep the yard of your Burlington home looking picture perfect and ready for spring. Alternatively, if the yard is too big for you to handle or you don’t want to do the landscaping you can hire a landscaping company like Evergreen Landscapes to keep up your yard and make sure your home always looks perfect. 

To learn what we can do to improve your landscape, contact Evergreen Landscapes today!