With the winter months beginning to melt away and spring right around the corner, many homeowners are thinking about renovation projects that will enhance their backyard enjoyment. For backyard loving homeowners, an outdoor kitchen is top on their list as the ideal improvement for their home.

If you love cooking and entertaining outdoors, while surrounded by the sounds of nature, then a functional, custom-built outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to turn your backyard into something unique and special.

An outdoor kitchen will improve your outdoor living space, create a stylish atmosphere of relaxation, enhance your outdoor experience and increase the property value of your home. A professionally designed outdoor kitchen is not only appealing, but it’s a worthwhile investment that you’ll be proud to show off to family and friends.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy by having an outdoor kitchen:

Entertaining with an Outdoor Kitchen

The best reason for incorporating an outdoor kitchen is that it’s the perfect space for entertaining family and friends. It’s a wonderful atmosphere to socialize with guests when you have more freedom to move around.  Furthermore, kitchen cleanup is a breeze with an outdoor sink for washing dirty dishes. You eliminate the need to go back and forth to the inside of the house and make a mess indoors.

Increase your House Value with an Outdoor Kitchen

The popularity of an outdoor kitchen makes this renovation a great home improvement project with a high rate of return on the investment. Its popularity has significantly increased over the past few years to one of the top-rated outdoor home improvements.

Reduce Utility Costs by Cooking Outside

By doing your grilling outside, you save on energy costs of running your AC to keep your house cool if cooking indoors during the summertime. You get to enjoy the outdoors and save money at the same time on utility bills.

Reduce Indoor Cooking Smells

Some foods can smell less desirable while cooking, such as fish or deep-fried items. Outdoor kitchens allow those aromas to remain outside instead of inside the house. You home stays fresher without leftover aromas.

Increase Your Living Space

You can increase your living space instead of the need to add on another room. A covered patio allows you to have your appliances outdoors, but still in close proximity to the rest of the house for ease of access.

Enjoy Healthier Foods

Many people enjoy a selection of healthier foods during the summer months. Outdoor kitchens allow you to indulge in a variety of farm fresh foods like grilled asparaus, and roasted red peppers.  When you have your own outdoor kitchen, you can reduce or eliminate the need to spend money on going to restaurants and eating high calorie meals. Not only will you love being in the privacy of your own backyard, you save a few bucks along the way.

Outdoor Cooking has Come a Long Way

Outdoor cooking has come a long way from a barbecue grill and a beer on the deck. It has become a focal point of the landscape with homeowners incorporating the same conveniences as their indoor kitchens.  Just take a look at our outdoor kitchen gallery to see how beautiful your backyard can look!

Enjoy the upcoming summer months by having an outdoor kitchen in your backyard by calling Evergreen Landscapes today. We can build a beautiful stone outdoor kitchen for your home that encompasses both stone and stainless steel. Any kitchen appliance you desire, from ovens, sinks, and grills can be installed.