Even if your first foray into gardening might seem a bit daunting, the right tools will help you do the job right all the way through spring cleanup, summer planting, fall wind-down and preparation for winter’s hibernation. The right tools help to avoid strained back muscles, scratched hands, and other backyard annoyances, so having the right tool to do the job is a priority. 

Here are the tools that every homeowner needs to top off that list for making gardening chores efficient and enjoyable with less pain and strain.

  • Shovel

    Any gardener will tell you that a shovel is a necessity for any garden or landscape work.  It is best used for planting or digging out trees and shrubs, mixing large quantities of dirt, creating a dugout for an annual or perennial garden, composting and so much more.

  • Hand Pruner

    Hand pruners are a versatile tool that can be used for many purposes in the garden, but they are best used for snipping and removing dead and unwanted branches from trees and shrubs in an easy stroke motion.

  • Hand Trowel

    A hand trowel is designed for digging small holes, transplanting seedlings, planting flowers and bulbs in garden beds or performing similar tasks. Many gardeners find hand trowels immensely useful and quite commonly found in gardening sheds as an indispensable tool.

  • Garden Utility Bucket or Caddy

    A utility bucket or caddy is ideal for carrying your hand tools around the property, gathering clipping and weeds and freeing up your hands from carrying objects.

  • Leaf Rake

    The most basic of tool for any property is a leaf rake. It is best used for gathering leaves, lawn clippings, spreading mulch around the gardens and other ground-covering materials around planting beds.

  • Garden Rake

    These rakes are best used for working the soil in planting beds, pressing sown seeds into the soil and removing dead grass from the lawn. A flat head rake is useful for leveling soil, while a bow-head garden rake is often easier to maneuver.

  • Watering Can

    A medium sized watering can is ideal for transporting small quantities of water from an outdoor tap to thirsty plants that are potted or in the garden.

  • Folding Pruning Saw

    A folding pruning saw is indispensable for cutting through branches up to 10 centimetres in diameter. The blade cuts cleanly even through green wood, which promotes quick healing. It then folds safely away to be used for another day.

  • Telescoping Leaf Rake

    This type of rake can be used for raking leaves and cuttings neatly and efficiently.  It spreads mulch and smooths the soil in flowerbeds or veggie patches.  Its aluminum handle can be adjusted to suit your height, and you can change the width of the head to suit the task at hand.

  • Japanese Farmer’s Knife

    This tool is a cross between a knife and a trowel.  It is an indispensable tool for planting bulbs, weeding beds and containers. It is great for dividing perennials and handling those tough stems and roots. The curved blade is two sided, one straight and one serrated, and both are extremely sharp.

  • Stainless-Steel Soil Scoops

    These sturdy scoops are ideal when you want to mix small quantities of soil or compost. They can be used for all sorts of things like filling flowerpots, window boxes and bird feeders.

  • Garden Spade

    A garden space is a square-edge, straight blade used for preparing beds for planting, combining soil mixtures, edging beds and slicing through sod. The small blade has comfortable treads and the handle is made of fibreglass that helps to prevent muscle fatigue.

  • Bypass Secateurs

    This tool has a rotating handle, which make it easier for pruning rosebushes, shrubs and trees. It has bypass blades for cleaner, faster-healing cuts on the plants than Anvil blades, which crush as the plant as they cut.

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