Having a large front yard when you live in Burlington can bring challenges to maintaining it and making it look nice. If you’re thinking of doing a complete overhaul of your front yard next year or even just looking for ideas to spruce up your yard, here’s what you can do with the large front yard of your Burlington home. 

Assess your front yard

When you are coming home, driving down your street, take an honest look at the homes around yours. How does your yard compare? Does it blend in easily, or are there elements that make it stand out? You want to make sure whatever work you do to the front yard of your home adds to the curb appeal and gives your yard that little something extra. Take a few moments to assess what you have in your yard, what you don’t have and what you might like to have. 

Plant trees

Big trees will impact your yard the most, and they can help fill in a large yard without adding clutter. Trees can build a frame around the house, creating an inviting feel to the home than big open spaces. Furthermore, if you have a second story to your home, planting taller trees can soften that look and make it so that the second story doesn’t stand out too much. 

Keep size in mind

When you’re planting trees, shrubs or flowers, you want to consider their size when they’re at full maturity. You want the size of the plants to complement the size of your home and yard. Having massive trees in a small yard can look really out of place, and having too small plants in a big yard means you need a lot of them, and it may give you a different look than you want. 

Balance the elements

Is your house symmetrical? If so, it’s important to keep this in mind when designing your yard. Yards for symmetrical homes often look best when an element is duplicated on each side of the house. For example, if you plant a shrub along the front of the house on one side, you should do it on the other to give the appropriate balance. 

Add a natural stone walkway

If you don’t already have a walkway from the road (or sidewalk) up to the front door of your home, consider adding a walkway. It can split up a big yard and also add a functional entryway to your home (or a second one if you already have one).

Contact Evergreen Landscapes today

It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to do with a large yard, especially when your neighbours may not have a yard the same size. At Evergreen Landscapes, we can help design and execute a beautiful front yard to help increase your home’s curb appeal. Call us today to arrange a consultation.