Are you dreaming about summer and sunny days spent out on your patio? With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor space.

Perhaps you have already invested in landscaping your Waterdown home but would like to enhance your backyard retreat. Why not consider building a pergola?

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a type of open, outdoor structure made up of vertical posts that support cross-beams or an open lattice framework. They can be made out of various materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl.

Reasons to Consider a Pergola

Are you unsure if a pergola would be a good enhancement to your backyard? There are many great reasons to add a pergola to your outdoor living space. The beauty of pergolas is that they are both functional and attractive.

A Beautiful Garden Feature

Firstly, a pergola can be a show-stopping addition to your garden. There are many options available for purchase in various styles and materials, but you will have the most control over the finished product if you construct a custom-made pergola.

A brand-new pergola can be designed to match your home’s style and refresh your patio’s appearance.

Extend Outdoor Living Space

We can all use a little more living space, and a pergola is an excellent way to achieve this during the warmer months. Pergolas can create a defined seating or dining area, whether it’s attached to your home or set apart.

Create a Shaded Area with a Pergola

Many of us are conscious about our sun exposure, and a pergola can offer a beautiful shaded sitting area. Planting trained vines, such as Virginia Creeper or Wisteria, can generate even more shade and add a natural canopy of greenery or flowers at the base of the structure.

If you would like complete rain protection, covers can be constructed from corrugated metal or plastic panels. Weather-treated fabrics are also an option and can even be retractable to offer the most versatility.

Increasing Backyard Privacy with a Pergola

Do you wish your backyard was a little more secluded? Putting in a pergola can offer increased privacy, especially if you opt for a covering. Latticework, shades, or curtains can also be installed to complete your private escape.

Increase Resell Value

Pergolas are an affordable way to increase the appeal of your outdoor space. Investing in the landscaping of your property can have significant returns on your property value. Not only will you enjoy your pergola for as long as you live in your home, but you will increase your home’s resell value if you ever choose to sell.

Contact Evergreen Landscapes

As you can see, pergolas can serve various functions for your outdoor space while creating something uniquely beautiful. If you have questions or would like to book a consultation for a custom pergola design, contact our award-winning team today!  Evergreen Landscapes serves the Dundas, Waterdown, Burlington and Ancaster regions for premium landscaping.