Your home’s driveway acts as a focal feature from the street – so why not make it as aesthetically appealing as possible? A long-lasting product that’s been used for years, interlock offers a high-quality material to impress your guests as soon as they drive up. Here are five reasons you should consider using it to renovate your driveway.

1. Curb Appeal for your Driveway

Interlocking Driveways are often chosen by homeowners because of its elegant look. Installed at a fraction of the cost compared to flagstone or natural stone, interlock adds a sense of luxury to a home’s front yard.

Homeowners can choose from a wide selection of stones, colours and styles to create their own unique design. Complementing your home’s natural slate textures or old-world charm can be easily achieved with the proper choice and installation of interlock.

When it comes to selling your home, an interlocking driveway helps add value.

2. Trouble-Free Installation and Performance

Compared to any other type of paved surface, interlock has a much longer lifespan. When laid properly, interlock is capable of lasting up to a century!

Without the requirement of pressure joints, pavers can tolerate heavy loads immediately after installation, without any waiting period required.

3. Easy Maintenance Interlock Driveways

You have enough to do as a homeowner already; maintaining your driveway should not be time intensive!  An Interlock Driveway makes maintenance easy.

By being individually installed, changing out damaged pavers or stone in interlock is easy, unnoticeable and much more affordable than single-level driveway solutions such as pavement. If underground repairs are necessary, interlock pavers’ modular system provides relatively easy access as all you have to do is remove the pieces, rather than destroy any concrete with a jack-hammer.

Unlike pavement or concrete, interlock is designed to swell with movement and will not crack.

4. Convenient Time to Upgrade Parking

With the driveway already torn up to install the interlock, why not use the opportunity to make it more parking-friendly, too? From widening your driveway so that more vehicles can fit comfortably to creating a more user-friendly turnaround – the options are endless.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

Interlock prevents water from pooling and, instead, allows water to drain through. Natural biological processes involving live bacteria located between the stones and in the gravel bed work to remove toxins, creating a more environmentally-friendly runoff.  Unlike an asphalt driveway, you don’t need to treat your driveway with toxic sealcoats.

Tips for Maintaining Your Interlock Driveway

When proper maintenance is completed approximately once every three years, an interlock driveway remains in excellent condition. Otherwise, it can quickly turn unsightly with weed growth and loosened stone.

Ensure that doesn’t happen by regularly power washing your driveway to remove stains, debris and unwanted fragments between the joints. Following the power wash, use a broom to pour polymeric sand onto the pavers, filling the gaps between the joints. To help keep the stones in place, mist the pavers with water to help the polymeric sand settle.

Our award-winning landscape design, build and landscaping maintenance company in Burlington can help you create a beautiful interlock driveway that won’t shift or sink over time. To start planning yours, contact our office today.