Different types of driveway materials can completely change the look and feel of your home. An inviting driveway can help set your home’s ambiance from the minute your guests arrive, and many of the most esthetically pleasing driveways are also built to last. Explore your options for driveways and walkways, and choose what installation will complement your style and budget!  

Asphalt Driveway Company

Asphalt driveway company and asphalt is the most common driveway surface, however, as the industry grows, this trend may weaken as homeowners are exposed to many other options. Asphalt is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Regarding design, asphalt is a limited material in that it can only come in black. However, the black colour helps the material retain heat, which can be helpful in areas with lots of snowfall. The other downfall to asphalt is its lack of longevity. Asphalt must be resealed every three to five years and lacks in durability.

Concrete Driveway Installation

Concrete is another affordable, long-lasting driveway solution with a stronger aesthetic appeal than asphalt. Plain concrete can create a sharp and modern look to the front entrance of your home, however, concrete offers many design options through the use of concrete dyes and stamps. These finishes can create a more expensive-looking product requiring the same maintenance as asphalt. If you are interested in a concrete driveway for your home, it is important to note that this material can be affected by frigid weather.

Brick and Stone Driveways

Brick and stone driveways are popular, especially if your landscaping requires additional walkways or pathways that would benefit from a unified look. Bricks or stones are durable and come in various colours and shapes, and are capable of various patterns and designs. Bricks can create either a traditional look for an older home with character, or a more modern look, depending on the design choices you make for your home. Although brick or stone is extremely low maintenance in comparison to asphalt and concrete, it is a more expensive upfront cost, as it requires materials as well as a lot of labour time with an experienced bricklayer.

Recycled Rubber Driveway

Rubber driveways are a modern, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paving methods. Rubber paving is comprised of recycled tire crumb that is created to be strong, weather resistant and aesthetically appealing. The rubber formulation is naturally slip-resistant and does not run the risk of cracking and chipping like many common driveway materials. There are many options for the colour of your driveway if you choose a rubber material, all the way from reds to blacks, as well as many neutral earth tones. If you decide to try a rubber driveway or walkway, switch from using a metal shovel in the winter to a plastic shovel to avoid damaging the rubber. Similarly, you can replace the sharp metal edges with hard rubber or plastic edges if you use a snowblower. Many rubber driveways come with a minimum five-year warranty to ensure that you are covered in any extreme circumstance where your driveway may require a repair.

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