Enhancing your landscape by having a backyard retreat with a water feature is like incorporating art into your outdoor living space. Not only does this backyard oasis offer a place to relax and slowdown from the hustle of daily living, but it provides a calm and serene setting. The sounds of the waterfall can also help to reduce the white noise of an external environment, like traffic, planes and neighbors. Read on as we attempt to give you some good backyard waterfall ideas for your own house.

For centuries, Buddhist monks have known the benefits of adding water features to their gardens for meditative purposes. The sounds produced by running water is a natural psychological relaxant and produces a stress-reducing benefit, whether you’re directly listening to it or it’s simply babbling in the background. Its tranquil sound can even help people to fall asleep. By including the sounds of moving water to your quiet sanctuary, you can help make your property really stand out from the rest while increasing your property’s value at the same time. The soothing sound of water trickling into a pond or pool provides an aesthetic appeal to any backyard landscape. In addition, water features can offer an interesting backdrop for backyard entertaining as the waterfall is soothing and visually appealing.

Pool Waterfalls

If you’re considering getting a pool waterfall then you have many different styles to choose from as landscape designers are constantly coming up with new innovative concepts for incorporating a backyard water feature to create a unique backyard focal point. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and want to create a grand impression then consider having a waterfall design that allows water to cascade down over rocks into your pool.

For a simpler look, you can create small water curtain waterfalls. Another benefit of installing waterfall addition to your pool is the improvement of water circulation in the pool. They can help to eliminate the murkiness and ensure pool chemicals are evenly distributed in order to help to provide an ideal PH level. The improved circulation will make maintaining the pool an easier task.

When installing your waterfall you also have the option of adding in complimentary LED lights to enhance your waterfall while showcasing your landscape from dusk to dawn. Your not limited to just traditional white colours as LED’s come in many different colours most can even be set to change their colors.

Backyard Waterfalls Ponds

Backyard waterfalls ponds can add a calming, artistic vibe to your backyard if done right. A pond waterfall brings beauty to the landscape and increases your property value. Its sights and sounds stir the heart, relax the soul and help the environment all while supporting natural wildlife. The main consideration in designing a waterfall is the height of the water streaming into the pond. In order to accomplish this goal, a natural slope on the property might be used or a berm (artificial slope) is created behind the pond.

Pond waterfalls should be surrounded with greenery in order for the landscape to be effective and heighten your natural setting. The selections of plants that are placed near a pond is an important consideration because many plants cannot survive in extremely damp conditions. When selecting plants, flowers with a longer bloom time should be preferred since as this will extend the beauty of your backyard water feature for a longer period of time.

Pond waterfalls increase water circulation which prevents algae growth, which will help to make lower maintenance with fewer cleaning requirements. In addition, the water circulation helps to maintain a healthy ecosystem because it creates high oxygen water level, which is ideal for the growth of your plants and any fish living in your pond.

Water Feature Possibilities

Water features have come a long way over the years and the possibilities are endless to create a stunning, low maintenance water feature. So enjoy the mesmerizing sounds of cascading water, tranquil plant movement and relaxation from the privacy of your own backyard. If you feel that you yourself are interested in having a waterfall in your backyard and are in the Hamilton, Waterdown, Burlington, Oakville or Carlisle area then Contact Evergreen Landscapes today!