Backyard pools are a great way to enjoy lazy summer days and warm evenings. And the more attractive your poolscape or pool landscaping is, the more time you will want to spend in your little private oasis.

If you haven’t given the ambience of your pool area much thought before, here are five ideas to help you put a little more oomph into your pool design.

1.  Light it up

Adding lighting to your pool area is a great idea if you want to enjoy more evening swims, not to mention a good way to increase the safety of the area. LED lights are ideal for in-pool lighting as they come in a wide range of styles and colours.

Don’t forget that you can also add some lighting around the area too to help create the perfect atmosphere for evening get-togethers on the deck. It is usually best to go with low voltage lighting it is extremely versatile and gives you an almost endless array of options.

2.  Add some water features

Water features are another great way to enhance your poolscape adding both visual interest and the calming sound of trickling water. Fountains or waterfalls around the pool tend to be a big hit with people of all ages. Think your space is too small for a water feature? Think again!

Water features can be large and elaborate but they can also be small, very simple, and easy to install. Floating fountains, for example, can simply be dropped in your pool.

3.  Add a fire feature

Fire and water may seem like opposites, but they can go well together. Imagine all the fun that you can have, going for a nice long swim, warming yourself by the fire, and then jumping back in the pool again!

A firepit or outdoor fireplace can make an ideal place for friends and family to gather around, and it can help let you enjoy your outdoor space well into the winter months.

4.  Add a little structure

Structures around your pool such as cabanas, pergolas and arbours can help add even more usability to your pool area, giving you and your guests more spaces to lounge and get out of the hot sun for a while.

They can also help make the entire area feel more relaxed and inviting.

5.  Don’t forget your landscape!

When designing your poolscape, you want to have an area that flows seamlessly to and from the surrounding landscape. Consider adding some greenery or flowers around your pool area.

Don’t worry if you do not have a green thumb – there are many options for low maintenance and easy to care for plants that you can consider.

By taking some time and paying attention to some of the finer details around your pool area, you can have even more enjoyment out of your space. And if you need a little help with your poolscape, you can always count on the professional service and high-quality workmanship of Evergreen Landscaping.