Have you ever admired the beautifully designed outdoor spaces you see in movies and TV shows? Have you ever wondered how to create your beautiful outdoor living space? Well, read on.

These days, outdoor spaces are much more than a basic picnic table in the middle of the yard or a few lawn chairs arranged around a plastic table. Today’s outdoor living spaces are complete with comfortable seating, cooking areas, privacy screens, soft lighting and natural décor. Let’s take a look at a few ideas on how to get started.

Determine the boundaries of your outdoor space.

You can easily create rooms by using outdoor rugs, pavilions, gazebos and many other products that provide shading. In this space you can arrange a lounging area, dining area as well as a cooking area including a barbecue and outdoor fridge.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a key ingredient when creating your outdoor living space. Soft lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere. There are several options that you can try. The least expensive is battery operated wax candles. They last a long time and can work in the rain. They are a simple and very economical way to create a nice warm feeling in an outdoor space. Other options include outdoor sconces, LED up-lighting and solar-power outdoor lamps. These are available in a range of styles and options.

Outdoor Textures

Don’t forget to include textures in your outdoor space. Plants and vines are especially good. Or try layering various organic elements like bamboo, branches or birch to create dividers or fence coverings. There are also many outdoor fabrics available which can add colourful textures.

Outside Furniture

Choose multi-functional furniture to maximize functionality. For example, a cushion box can also be used as an additional serving buffet surface; or you could place a cushion on the coffee table so it can double as extra seating. Consider using outdoor carpeting or faux grass flooring, wood deck tiles and planters to add interest to your space.

Mix it up with old and new furniture and decorative items. The eclectic look in a garden or terrace is a great style. Your furniture and décor do not need to be a matching set. It is common to see mixed materials, textures, and furniture inside the house. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little. You will be surprised at how exciting and attractive an outdoor space can be just by mixing in new with old and adding in a few accessories and planters.

Stay warm in the fall

Don’t forget to include some outdoor heating, especially in Burlington, where the lake-shore breeze can be cool. This will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space right through the fall and starting early spring. Look for heat lamps and outdoor fireplaces. There are small units that will run on ethanol. These are often great looking and will enhance the outdoor space’s look for a great price.

Designing your outdoor living space is a rewarding activity. The result will reward you with years of enjoyment, relaxing outdoors and enjoying your natural environment. Landscape construction is never an easy task, so why not let the professionals do it. If you are interested in a fantastic front or backyard in the Ancaster, Dundas, Burlington and Aldershot area, contact Evergreen Landscapes to be amazed at the quality landscape construction and design we can do for you.