Keeping up the landscaping of your home can dramatically increase the value of your property; however, there are certain areas of landscape construction that can work in your favour over others. Professional landscaping is one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your property, and hiring professionals means you know all of the work is done right. Here are a few areas to focus landscaping construction work on to increase your Burlington home’s value.


Having a fenced-in yard gives you privacy. It allows your family to enjoy your backyard without worry of kids running on the street or people driving by being able to see your family as they enjoy the outdoors. A well maintained, professionally installed fence will not only give potential buyers that privacy but also gives your home a much more finished look. You can either repair any areas that have worn down in your current fence, or choose to have a brand new one installed.


More mature neighbourhoods often have a lot of trees on their lots. However, if you live in a newly developed area, you haven’t had the time to grow large trees to add character to your property. When working with a professional landscaping company, they can bring in partially grown trees so that you have the benefit of not waiting many years.

It’s important to carefully think about the kind of trees you want on your front yard. Depending on the new owners, having a lot of trees that lose their leaves every year could be seen as a negative and a lot of extra yard work for them. Having professionally cared for trees can boost the property value of your home. However, if you are going to plant trees, you should carefully consider the kind of trees you choose.  Furthermore, if you are going to prune your trees, make sure you know if it belongs to you or the city of Burlington.

Outdoor living space

Do you have a deck or a patio in your backyard? Having a space that is almost an extension of your indoor space can be a big bonus for selling your home. Choose a design that isn’t too complicated or requires a lot of upkeep because that can deter potential buyers. Hiring a company to build on a deck or a patio can easily boost the value of your Burlington home, as potential buyers can see themselves enjoying the space. It also means that they don’t have to do the extra work to make it into a space they can enjoy.

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