If you’re in the market for a landscape redesign and you’re a consumer, you are likely to underestimate the cost of things. Get the facts on pricing, organize your wants and desires, find the right professional and prepare for financial hiccups throughout the project. All these steps are essential to a beautifully landscaped property, your wallet, and your sanity.
Setting a budget is easy if you know the exact cost of your landscape redesign and you have a money tree in your backyard. In lieu of these two things, a little thought, preparation, and research will go a long way.

Two main things will affect your budget for a landscape redesign. How deep your pockets are and the extent of the project. If you are doing a landscape redesign, you likely already know what you don’t want. Start by identifying what it is you do want and need from a landscape redesign.

Make a list of wants that need to be fulfilled. For example, will your redesign include a water feature, a perennial garden or any new structures such as a deck? Will pathways be needed and if so, what will they be made of? Also, identify any large foliage such as trees that will need to be removed or planted.  Are there any geographical obstacles to a possible redesign such as septic system, well or gas line?  Getting an estimate on the cost of some of these bigger items will help you budget the entire project. Though you can’t be expected to know exactly what your redesign will look like, having the basics will help you to identify the scope of the project.

Finding the right professional to do your redesign will have a big impact on your experience. Always ask to see past projects, consider how long a contractor has been in business and insist on a great warranty. An estimate might be available that would give you a better idea of the end cost. This will give you time to get your finances in order before the work begins. It’s imperative that you consider this renovation of your outdoor space as just that, a renovation. You might find that things cost a lot more than you imagined.  After all, when was the last time you did a landscape redesign?

A contingency fund is always a good idea with any home improvement project. This allows for those inevitable hiccups while your landscape redesign is underway. If all goes smoothly, you will be left with money in your pocket. If there is any delay or miscalculation in the project, you will be prepared. At a minimum, you should have 10 percent of the cost of the project put away for those unforeseen costs.

Getting all your ducks in order is your best bet when trying to nail down a budget for that landscaping redesign. Be prepared, be informed and know your needs.  A landscape redesign should be exciting, not terrifying.