First impressions count in every walk of life. Whether it is the clothes that you choose for that important job interview, to the car that you arrive in, the tidiness of your office when a client arrives for a meeting, or the display of produce on sale in a shop. And our houses are the same. People make judgments about you and your house from the very second that they set eyes on it, so it is important that you get the look of the outside of your house just perfect.

An excellent way of showing a strong, reliable and durable personality is through the use of stone steps. They can turn a relatively humble-looking abode into the home of a successful, strong and robust family.

Exterior Stone Steps

Stone steps can be made in two formats – either by laying stones and slabs to create the steps or by making cast steps and fitting them as one piece. But whichever you choose, you can be sure that it will make a big difference to the overall look of your house.

Your steps can be designed to fit in with the overall look of your house – from a rustic looking type stone steps, to a grander, entrance-making staircase.

By using the same stone that is found in the local area, your steps will blend into the outside area of your home with a natural harmony and coherence that other features or materials won’t.

Other Benefits of Stone Steps

There are other benefits to having stone steps which aren’t just aesthetic ones.

  • They are durable – Stone is one of the most durable materials which can be worked with. So your steps won’t break or buckle under pressure, extreme hot or cold won’t affect them, making them set to last for the lifetime of your property.
  • They are easy to clean – Just a hose down every now and again is enough to keep your stone steps clean and looking good.
  • They look better over time – The fact that your steps are out in nature, they will keep changing with time and become increasingly integrated into your landscape, looking more natural and perfectly fitting into your exterior style.

At Evergreen Landscapes we have a whole range of both slabs and cast steps which can be adjusted to fit perfectly into your garden. We use stone that is indigenous to the local area of Oakville meaning that they will fit right in with the outside area of your home.

We have designers who can give you exactly what you are looking for, allowing you to make your home give the right impression to people arriving, as well as give you the satisfaction that your garden or outside area is complete and looking its best.

Please view our stone steps gallery, and for more information about stone steps, designing and fitting and other landscaping options, get in touch with Evergreen Landscapes today!