If you love the outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds of a natural habitat, consider adding a water feature to your backyard for an oasis of tranquility. You will get the immense satisfaction of creating an aesthetic asset while adding a unique dimension to any home. A well designed pond can transform your outdoor space into an alluring retreat of calm.

Water gardens have become an increasingly popular pastime and more homeowners are opting to design a backyard paradise that combines gardens, ponds and waterfalls. Over the past five years, sales of equipment and accessories have doubled annually. Even if you have limited space, you can design a water garden that brings the beauty of nature to your backyard.

In order to design the ideal garden pond for your backyard setting:

  1. Have a detailed plan beforehand to determine what you want to achieve as the end result. This strategy will help you to assess what type of filtration or other equipment you will need for designing your pond. Planning ahead saves time and avoids costly mistakes.
  2. Determine your budget. It will impact the style, size and type of pond you choose and influence how many additional features that you’ll want to add to the design, like plants and fish.
  3. Select what style is the correct pond type for your backyard. Is it more suitable for a liner-type or pre-formed pond?
  4. How you design and construct the pond is vital to creating an incredible pond, so make sure that it’s done correctly from the onset. It will impact the amount of maintenance required to sustain it.
  5. Consider where the pond will look visually appealing from various views, such as the inside of your home, your yard or patio. Choose a level area that stays relatively dry to prevent water pollution. Avoid installing ponds under hanging trees that result in too much leaf litter and contaminate the water. Select a location where the sunlight filters in for at least half the day. Make sure the site has access to electricity outlets to run the pump and the availability of water for filling or replacing due to evaporation.

Pre-formed Ponds

One of the biggest advantages to using a pre-formed liner is that they take the guesswork out of designing your pond. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, depths and some liners are constructed with pre-contoured shelves and steps. Since they’re made of a heavy-rigid polyethylene material, they can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you want to stock fish, your pond will need a water depth of at least 1.2m (4 ft.) for the fish to survive over the wintertime. The main disadvantage for using a pre-formed liner is that it limits your design to its pre-formed shape.

Liner-type Ponds:

Liners have no limitations. They allow your imagination to run wild for custom designing your pond. The soft rubber material is not only durable, but its highly flexible for creating any design, shape or water depth that you desire. Because of its pliability, a liner may be better suited to stock fish because you can get the required 1.2m depth regardless of limited space. They can be easily adjusted over time and designed with just about any kind of edging.

Backyard Waterfalls:

Waterfalls are designed to be the focal point of cascading water sounds entering the pond. The main consideration in designing a waterfall is the height of the water streaming into the pond. In order to accomplish this goal, a natural slope on the property might be used or a berm (artificial slope) is created behind the pond. A flexible liner is then put in place from the top of the waterfall to the pond and the pump recirculates the water for the soothing sound effects. The finishing touches are the rockery that hides the liner and holds it down in place.

Designing a pond has many benefits. Not only does it bring beauty to the landscape and increase property value, but the sights and sounds of a well-designed pond stir the heart, relax the soul and helps the environment by supporting natural wildlife. It’s the perfect natural habitat and oasis of tranquility for you and your family.

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