Even as the economy begins to open back up here in the Hamilton and Burlington area after the coronavirus lockdown, it has become abundantly clear that most of us will be spending more time than usual at home this summer. So if that is the case, why not make your home as attractive and comfortable as possible. If it has been some time since you have updated your front yard, this may be the perfect year for you to take on a full front yard design and construction project.

At Evergreen Landscapes, we specialize in helping residents of Hamilton and Burlington with large scale landscaping and construction projects. So if you are ready to make your front yard and entrance more attractive and functional, you can rely on us to get the job done.

What does a full front yard design and construction project include? 

That depends on what you need and want of course, but generally, it can include any combination of driveway, sidewalks, steps, and front yard landscaping.

Driveway Construction

Unless you have a very large front yard, your driveway if often the most noticeable feature in front of your home. If your driveway shows signs of age or disrepair, it can bring down the curb appeal of your whole home.

At Evergreen Landscapes, we can give you a beautiful new driveway constructed of simple asphalt, sleek cement, or even intricate stonework. We can also widen or extend your existing driveway if you need more room.

Walkways and Stone Steps Renovations

Walkways and Stone Steps can be welcoming features for guests, but they are also an important safety feature. If you have sidewalks that are cracking or sinking, or uneven steps, it may be time for an upgrade.

If you are considering a new sidewalk or steps for your front entrance, the design team at Evergreen Landscapes can help you find the right material and design to suit your home and your tastes – whether it be elegant interlocking stonework or a whimsical stepping stone path.

Front Yard Landscaping

When people in Hamilton and Burlington think about enjoying their outdoor space, they often think primarily of their backyard. But the front yard can also often provide a tranquil place to sit outside, with the added benefit of being able to people watch and give friendly greetings to your neighbours who might be out on evening strolls or walking their dogs.

A few tidy shrubs or a low maintenance garden will enhance your home’s curb appeal, but it can also add to the ambiance and make you want to spend more time sitting on the front porch sipping a summer beverage or just enjoying the scenery.

Landscaping Construction in Burlington, Ontario

At Evergreen Landscapes, we are happy to provide you with any one of these services, but our specialty lies in providing complete design and construction for our Hamilton and Burlington clients. Our expert designers can help ensure that all elements – driveways, sidewalks, steps, and front yard landscaping – fit together in a balanced and beautiful finished project.

Are you ready to start planning your full front yard design and construction project? If so, give us a call today.