Waterdown is a historic community resting between Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario near Hamilton Harbor and Lake Ontario. Since 2001, this Victorian village became a community of Hamilton and boasts a long and glorious history within the area. Waterdown’s small town ambiance makes it a delightful community for families to call home with its charming neighborhoods, excellent shopping, restaurants, farmers market, entertainment and natural surroundings.

Waterdown History

This scenic municipality is easily accessible from Toronto along the QEW and Highway 403. The village is located at the intersection that is known as Clappison’s Corner and dates back to the sixteen hundreds with the first inhabitants, the Neutral Indians settling in the area.

Since becoming an important mill town from 1800 to the early twentieth century, this small and quiet town has changed and adapted throughout the decades. Today, the historic village is growing at an unprecedented rate as a desirable residential destination. Commuters are attracted by lower housing prices, proximity to the QEW and GO service and the natural surroundings that embrace Waterdown.

Some of the spectacular attractions that draw locals and visitors to Waterdown’s unique landscape are the Great Falls and the Bruce Trail system in Ontario. The Great Falls is a very picturesque waterfall that is located in Waterdown and featured many times on Hamilton waterfall postcards. The Bruce Trail follows the edge of the Niagara Escarpment for 900 km and the land is owned by the Government of Ontario, local municipalities, local conservation authorities, private landowners and the Bruce Trail Conservancy. There are many national and regionally rare flora species that grow in the natural areas of Waterdown.

Waterdown Soil Composition

Although Waterdown was primarily a mill town in the early days, the soil is a well-drained and well-dissected area of lake deposits from Lake Ontario. These deposits thin out over a clay base in the Waterdown area, where a series of parallel, east-west trending ridges occur and the thin soils have varied textures and drainages. A typical Flamborough soil profile exhibits a black, fine sandy loam, which is perfectly suited to producing a variety of plants, trees and vegetables.

The soil is nutrient-rich and easy to manage for residential gardens and commercial planting. Local residents can find an abundance of produce at Waterdown’s farmers market in addition to numerous organic farms in the area. This fine, clay and sandy foundation is an ideal environment for landscape construction and development because it is sturdy enough to support these projects, such as the major new home expansions that are currently being built in the area. Waterdown continues to be a great location for bringing additional new residents into this small town community.

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