Believe it or not, whether you live in Hamilton or Burlington, Oakville or Guelph, the geographical landscape can differ greatly and how to best care for that landscape will vary as well.

Many of the differences in the landscape between an area like Aldershot and Hamilton, is caused by climate. Burlington and indeed Aldershot could be experiencing flooding while Hamilton remains dry. Likewise, Hamilton is more vulnerable to lake effect precipitation because of its elevation and proximity to Lake Ontario. Different climates mean different types of soil.

Hamilton, Dundas & Ancaster Soil Types

Even areas of Hamilton can differ among themselves. The downtown core will experience milder weather as it is somewhat sheltered, while the Stoney Creek mountain landscape will have a shorter growing season because of often harsh conditions and open terrain. If you live by the lake, the wind can be a factor.

Ancaster and Dundas are great examples of two towns that belong to the same city but have very little in common when it comes to soil composition, climate, and elevation. All these things affect the landscape, and Ancaster and Dundas experience them differently. With the Niagara Escarpment bisecting the city of Hamilton, much of Dundas and Ancaster are situated on opposite ends of the city. This makes for very distinct landscapes.

Burlington & Aldershot

In Burlington alone, there is more than one kind of landscape as well. Properties along the lakeshore will differ dramatically from those in nearby Aldershot. The landscape closest to the lake may suffer erosion due to high winds, and the winters won’t be gentle. Any area inland, like Aldershot, will receive a measure of shelter which means less rain, less snow, and less wind.

Flamborough & Waterdown Soil Composition

Flamborough, in general, is mainly agricultural land and treated as such. The properties in Waterdown, while being a part of Flamborough, will differ when it comes to landscape. You don’t have to travel far to see these changes. Waterdown is rocky. It contains a whole lot of clay, and many builders have cursed the soil as it takes much longer to dig. Situated at the top of the escarpment, Waterdown receives the worst of the worst when it comes to weather. It could be snow, wind, fog, smog or rain and Waterdown will have more that it’s share in any given year.

Guelph Soil

The city of Guelph enjoys very fertile soil. The landscape in Guelph is so accommodating to agriculture that the soil in Guelph has been named the official soil of the province. This prize-winning soil, which can be found on rolling hills, supports some of the best crops in the province. If you live in Guelph, you are likely blessed with abundant gardens and have more freedom of choice when it comes time to plant.

No matter what municipality you live in, the landscape of your location is important for growing anything. The climate, soil, and terrain of any property will affect how the grounds are cared for. Neglecting to consider these factors will lead to a whole lot of frustration even for the greenest thumb.

Evergreen Landscapes are experts when it comes to the varied climates and soils of Burlington, Hamilton, Dundas and Aldershot. When hiring Evergreen Landscapes for landscape construction, we will ensure your garden and lawn will thrive for years to come.