The snow may still be falling, but that shouldn’t stop you from making landscaping plans for spring! Below are four of the most popular ideas to keep in mind when planning a modern landscaping design for your Halton and surrounding area property.

What Does a Modern Landscape Design Look Like?

Although often confused with contemporary designs, modern designs are quite different.

Known for being refreshingly geometric and uncluttered, a modern design combines open spaces with sculpted designs that enhance a home’s architectural design. Colours, textures, materials and shapes are often repeated throughout the design to create a uniform look. Modern landscape designs are void of rusted garden furniture, fussy plants and frilly garden accessories yet often include water features.

Modern Landscape Design Idea #1: Use Contrasting Textures

Diversity is key when it comes to choosing modern landscaping features. Combine gravel, rocks and metal with greenery to deliver a balance between earthy and industrial elements. Create platforms made of tile and stone if you want to reduce the care required by shrubs and trees.

To create a more Zen property, choose different coloured plants to intermix with tile and stone in a relaxed, balanced and visually appealing manner.

Modern Landscape Design Idea #2: Incorporate Geometric Furniture and Pathways

Accentuate geometric designs by choosing garden furniture and pathways with straight lines. Add a wooden bench surrounded by wooden planks arranged in a circular fashion or add a footpath comprised of straightly laid wooden planks. Use rectangular wooden boxes to plant your favourite herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Concrete furniture is a great solution that combines nicely with grass to create a perfect balance between softscape and hardscape. Especially suited for small patio spaces, concrete furniture can provide a multi-purpose outdoor dining area.

Modern Landscape Design Idea #3: Create Balance with Design Choices

A modern landscape design combines a proper balance between softscape elements like shrubs, trees and grass with hardscape elements including gravel, rocks and structures.

To create harmony, select trees that act as centrepieces in your yard and use balanced formations of rocks and shrubs to add interest. Incorporate gravel and stone beds for affordable landscape designs that are easy to maintain.

Modern Landscape Design Idea #4: Include a Water Feature

A water feature is a great way to include natural, local materials found in modern landscape designs such as rocks and wood.

No matter the size of your property, there are a variety of simple and modern water fountains available. Choose a water feature design with spheres and straight wooden planks to give harmony to the surrounding space.

Are you having difficulty coming up with modern landscaping ideas for your property? This type of outdoor space includes endless possibilities, which can easily leave you overwhelmed. Let us help! Contact our professional team to start designing the perfect modern landscape design for your Halton property this upcoming spring.