When it comes to landscape design and construction in Burlington, there are many ways to finish a project, but that doesn’t mean all of them are advisable. In the landscape industry, there are certain standards expected to be followed. These are known as best practices, and this is where project managers come in. It’s a landscaper’s job to plan, control and coordinate all tasks from beginning to completion. Does every landscape design project need a project manager though? Here’s why you should consider always having a project manager.

Managing Client Landscaping Concerns

Part of landscape design work is meeting the wants and needs of the clients. Project managers meet with their clients and landscape architects to flush out all the details of the project. This is important so everyone knows – from start to finish – what the project is going to look like, and they can see the bigger picture.

Project managers will also act as a liaison between their client and the rest of the team, so any changes to the project or updates they will manage. This helps to keep everyone else on track, and on budget, for the project.

Letting Clients Make Their Own Decisions

Sometimes Burlington homeowners will tell the landscaper to do whatever they think will look best. This is a huge mistake for many reasons.

While the landscaper can do almost anything their client wants, it’s the client’s home or business at the end of the day, so they need to make sure they will be happy with the result. Just because the landscaper likes a certain style doesn’t mean the client will. A project manager will work with the client to guide them through the process of making the appropriate choices as needed. The client may not know exactly where to start, but they probably do have an idea of what they want it to look like. The client will make the more significant decisions with the project manager, but the landscape designer will make small adjustments as needed.

Manage the Bigger Picture

It’s very easy to get caught up in the tiny little details of a project, especially if the client only seems to be focused on one area. The project manager will be able to see the bigger picture and keep everyone on the team on track. They can also manage the tasks in the project, so if something comes up where the schedule needs to change, they know the timelines and the budget to rearrange as needed.

Project managers will make sure each part of a project is planned and completed in a logical order and so that the team isn’t doing extra work or falling behind schedule.

A project manager is a vital part of any landscape design project, and they will help manage the client’s needs and wants on top of making sure the project itself is running on time and on budget.

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