Each year, there is always some new trend on the horizon and once again. The trends focus on the concept of providing pleasure to people in their gardens. They center on growing food, providing a refuge for wildlife and creating a relaxing environment for family and friends to gather for a meal.

The New Outdoor Dining

Over the past years, outdoor dining has been designed to be located as an extension of the house and conveniently positioned right off the kitchen. However, today’s trend includes these eatery spaces pushed out further into the garden. Although the convenience of designing an outdoor dining space right off the kitchen is undeniable, the distance between the new dining space and the kitchen is well worth the extra step. The backyard retreat for outdoor dining draws you out into the garden for a more intimate experience, and the landscape will immerse individuals in the ambiance of their surroundings. This provides a more lavish experience, and guests will get to take in more of your beautiful gardens.

Three tips for creating the ultimate destination for outdoor dining

  • Use special lighting, flooring, and furniture to transform your dining area into a spectacular sanctuary
  • For a lush feeling, surround your outdoor dining space with container and in-ground plants
  • Include a nearby pool, fire pit or other spaces in the landscaping design for pre-dinner and post-dinner entertainment

Embracing the Small Garden

With space at a premium these days, today’s trend is to make even the smallest of gardens useful and attractive. While small gardens are not new, the new emphasis is on the way they are designed so that less really can be more. Everything in a small garden needs to have multiple uses where function and visual appeal is the goal.

The use of planters throughout is an example. They can be used as borders or curb edging for the deck, or a concrete fire feature would create a bold element running through the space that can provide seating when not in use.

Restore Natural Habitat

As our expanding cities and sprawling suburbs continue to impact our natural habitat, your backyard can be designed to encourage their return. Most gardeners are aware that bees and butterflies are in decline, but habitat loss is also impacting birds, frogs, and even turtles. With the proper design, there is no reason we can’t create convenient, beautiful landscapes that also meet the needs of many of our animal neighbors. In terms of mass urbanization, most of this dwindling habitat is happening because spaces have been designed for convenience and aesthetics, with little thought to the needs of local wildlife writes Doug Tallamy, professor and chair of the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware.

Suggestions for creating a habitat garden

  • Grow both seed-producing and berry-bearing plants
  • Restrict or stop using insecticides
  • Consider replacing some or all of your lawn

Be Trendy

When considering your landscape projects, consider being part of the trend with your dining area, creating a small and appealing garden and encouraging natural habitat to your environment. Not only will you have beautiful surroundings, but delight in the nature that is abundant all around us. Contact Evergreen Landscapes Today for complete landscape design and builds for the Waterdown, Burlington and Aldershot area.