Making your home more modern-looking isn’t limited to your kitchen, entryway, or other interior space – it’s possible outdoors, too. If you’re planning on sprucing up your property this spring, here’s what you should know about modern front yard landscaping.

What is Modern Landscaping?

Modern landscaping (or contemporary landscaping) is a type of landscaping that integrates a clean, uncluttered design strategy. Every design element is specifically chosen and noticed while keeping the cliché “less is more” in mind. This landscaping often complements an architectural structure close by, such as a home or building.

In a modern landscaping plan, homeowners have to make deliberate decisions about their landscaping features, paying greater attention to materials versus plants. Some of the most popular options for modern landscaping include concrete or tiles with wood or metal accents.

Benefits of a Modern Landscape

Modern landscape designs are especially appealing for homeowners who want a hands-off approach to yard maintenance. The simple materials used throughout the design and limited assortment of plants make it easier to keep yards in top shape. For example, the concrete and metal structures often used are durable and require little to no maintenance.

Modern landscaping is especially appealing for homeowners who are mindful of climate change. The lack of plants is excellent for hot, dry summers, and the option to integrate solar or wind power is available.

Sustainability is important when creating a modern landscaping plan. For water-wise homeowners, a modern landscape design may integrate rainwater collection features or plants that utilize greywater. For residents who prioritize composting, a design can be made that allows the process to be as easy as possible.

Select the Right Plants for a Modern Landscaping Plan 

Unlike traditional designs, avoid mixing multiple plants. To keep the visual as clean as possible, choose one or two types of plants for your entire front yard. Select plants that offer a distinct form and are a more neutral colour palette.

Plants with trailing features, such as vines, or vibrant colours, such as flowering shrubs, do not match the modern aesthetic.

Consider Geometric Placement

Once you’ve chosen your materials and plants, it’s time to consider where to place them in your front yard.

Keep the goal of having clean edges in mind – avoid curving stonework or winding pathways. Instead, limit your design to thinking about rectangles and squares. How will your choices fit evenly together? Is the entire yard one focal point, or does it all work together to create one cohesive landscape design?

Examples of Modern Front Yard Landscaping

  • Custom metal pots, sculptures, and rain gutters
  • Dramatic water features
  • Artificial grass tiles in a grid
  • Clever landscape lighting
  • Concrete pavers with clean lines and pale grey tones
  • Frosted glass in gates instead of wood
  • Symmetrical and angled bold walkways and pavers

Are you ready to implement a modern landscaping plan at your Burlington or surrounding area property? We’re happy to show you all of the options available! Contact our landscape designers today for more information about our landscaping services.