Summer seems to come and go in a blur – and with it, the time to get everything done that you wanted to in your yard. Fortunately, fall is one of the best times to complete your landscape construction, and it’s just starting now! From planting new garden beds to building new retaining walls and patios, fall is a great time for outdoor work.

Here are some of the many benefits of completing your landscaping during the upcoming season.

1. Cooler Weather

Summers are so short and hot here in Ontario – you likely want to spend the time enjoying your backyard rather than working on it in the heat! With fall’s cooler temperatures, working outside is much more comfortable.

The cooler temperature is more ideal for your plants, too. After a hot summer, the soil is still warm, providing the perfect temperature for plants to develop firm and healthy roots. As the cool autumn air arrives, plants are encouraged to dig deeper into the earth and become stronger before winter arrives.

2. Less Yard Maintenance

Unlike planting during the spring or summer, fall planting requires much less watering. Usually, fall brings optimal precipitation levels for plant growth. Plants prefer rainwater since it contains more oxygen than tap water and is free of salts and treatment chemicals. It also frees nutrients and minerals in the soil that are then absorbed by plant roots in a process known as diffusion.

3. Seasonal Sales for Plants

Purchasing plants can quickly add up – especially if you’re buying them during peak season. Often, nurseries hold seasonal sales in the fall on plants and landscaping materials.

4. More Time for Landscaping Tasks

Spending less time watering your plants can free up time for you to complete other landscaping tasks! Installing a built-in sprinkler system, laying interlock for a new patio space, or connecting a new water feature is now finally doable – and doesn’t require as much sweat!

5. Fewer Threats of Pests and Diseases

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time and money planting and maintaining new gardens – then having your hard work destroyed. With the arrival of cooler temperatures, the risk of pest damage and common plant diseases reduces. The longer your plants have in the ground, the stronger they’ll be to fight these threats next spring!

6. Availability of Professional Landscapers

The fall and winter seasons are considered slow times for landscape design companies, which means they’re more available to deal with your project. Fall is the perfect time to book an appointment to discuss a dream landscape design and get your project done quickly.

If you wait until next spring or summer, you risk the chance that your preferred landscaper is too booked to take on your project for the following few months.

Get Started on Your Fall Landscaping Now

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