A hill in your front yard can be a unique feature to make your Burlington home stand out even more, but when you have to landscape and take care of it, there could be some challenges. Here are a few ideas for landscaping a hill in your front yard without completely changing the hill. 

Create a fun access point

If the only way to get to your home from the front is up the hill, you may want to use this opportunity to create a fun and attractive access point. This could mean building some stairs out of oversized stones or creating a pathway right to your front door. 

Build a retaining wall 

This might seem like an odd idea, but having a retaining wall can help to stabilize the ground. If you have an especially steep slope to the lawn in your front yard you may want to do this as a way to hold the soil and make sure it doesn’t erode over time. 

Rocks and boulders

Putting these features in place can also help to keep soil from eroding and sliding away, plus decorative rocks can really add a great visual appeal to your Hamilton home. You will want to make sure you choose rocks that will dig into the ground and not roll away. 


Terracing means you separate the hillside in your yard into different levels. This is usually done with various retaining walls or flat surfaces installed in between the levels. It is a more significant landscaping job, so you may need to call in a Hamilton landscaper to help you out. 


You might as well put the slope to good use if you have it! Now waterfalls are usually a backyard feature, but nothing is saying you can’t put one in your front yard, too – if you want. You may want to consider the neighbourhood you live in first, of course, to make sure that your hard work won’t be ruined, but you can definitely put a waterfall in and use the natural elevation to help the water flow. 

Plants and vegetation

If you only have a small hill or slope at the front of your house, you may want to consider putting some flowers or other plants there. This can help disguise the slope and spruce up your front yard. If you’re going to do this, it’s important that you know and understand how much light your yard gets and when. You don’t want to have plants that need a lot of sun if you get mostly shade on that side of your house. 

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