Landscape mainly consists of six elements – landform, vegetation, horizontal structures, vertical structures, water and climate.

Landscape designing is all about arranging these elements in such a way that the outdoor space looks good.

Garden design is basically a branch of landscape design. It is primarily concerned with making aesthetic difference to a private space. The difference between landscape design and garden design is that the former is concerned with public spaces whereas the latter is mainly concerned with private spaces.

What is landscape architecture?

The term landscape architecture is used to refer to an organized profession. In order to be a landscape architect, you have to obtain the required professional qualifications. Landscape architects work on garden design, landscape planning, landscape design and other activities that require expert skills. There is a difference between landscape planning and landscape designing.

While the objectives are the same, landscape planning projects are more concerned with public properties than private properties. Planning also tend to be larger in scale. In addition, planning projects tend to take longer to complete. In most cases, it is implemented by several contracts.

Landscape architects are concerned with designing the built environment of towns, cities and neighborhoods. They also have a responsibility to manage and protect the natural environment including the forests, fields, rivers and coasts. They have to ensure that they do not harm the environment in their bid to increase the aesthetic appeal of a neighborhood or town.

Landscape architects are committed to improving the overall quality of life by implementing the best design practices that make these spaces beneficial to people and other living things. We are surrounded by the works of landscape architects. Sites such as public squares, office plazas and thoroughfares are all designed by them.

Landscape architects use their skills to make parks, zoos, urban plazas, highways and campuses useful and visually attractive. They are expected to give their best possible service in the design, management and planning of open spaces in the urban and rural locations.

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction services can be broadly classified into two categories – softscapes and hardscapes. Materials like stone, pavers and wood fencing are often referred to as hardscapes. Stonework such as fireplaces, barbecues, fire pits, patios, decks, arbors and water features like ponds, waterfalls and fountains are also hardscapes.

Softscapes refer to installations and services involving plants and organic materials. Landscape architecture, tree installations, ornamental bed, design and landscape renovation come within the purview of softscape services.

Landscape construction projects are semi-permanent or permanent installations. They are a valuable investment in your home. They can cost between a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars depending upon the scope of the project.

Before consulting a landscape construction contractor, you should survey your land. You should be cognizant of potential issues such as soil conditions and drainage problems. You should also decide how you plan to use the landscape. Are you trying to improve the curb appeal of your property? Do you want to convert your outdoor space into an area where you can entertain guests? All of these are important things to consider.

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