While Ancaster has grown considerably in the past few decades, it still maintains its small town feel due to the fields and farms that are peppered throughout this cozy community.  Many Hamiltonians know Ancaster for its Meadowlands, which is just a few seconds away from the Linc and 403.  This shopping center was built on a former field in the early 90s and is always busy with traffic.  

The Festival of Friends is held on the opposite side of Ancaster, at the new Ancaster Fair grounds.  Evergreen Landscapes loves doing landscape construction in Ancaster as the ground is soft due to the high level of sand in the soil.  Ancaster originally got its roots as a farming community as the soil is perfect for growing crops, as well it had many streams (near the old mill) that could be used for production.

What is landscaping?

Landscaping refers to any activity that enhances the appearance of an area of land. Gardening is an essential part of landscaping. Plants are grown with the objective of creating a beautiful environment within your yard.  Landscaping may also make excellent use of natural elements such as water bodies, elevation and landforms.  Landscaping requires knowledge and expertise in artistic design and horticulture.

Landscaping has several aspects. Hardscaping is one of them. Hardscaping involves projects with natural stone or brick. It includes items like walkways, driveways, patios and wood work such as trellises and pergolas.
If you hire our service, our designers will start the project on a date that suits you. In Ancaster, weather elements can sometimes get in the way of landscaping projects. But we will try our best to complete your projects in a timely manner.

Once the project starts our landscaping supervisors will be there during every stage. We will answer all questions that you may have and seek your feedback.  We understand that landscaping projects are not easy. They can also turn out to be expensive. When you hire us, we will ensure that you get value for your money.

Evergreen Landscapes specialize in the following areas:

Ponds + Waterfalls

Backyard waterfalls and ponds come in all shapes and sizes. They make soothing and beautiful focal points. If you are interested in having a waterfall in your backyard, the biggest challenge is achieving the necessary height for the waterfall. We achieve this by exploiting a slope on the land. If your land is level ground, we will create an artificial slope. Ponds and waterfalls are all unique in size and shape. They add an aesthetically pleasing focal point to any backyard. They also make your backyard more tranquil. Add low voltage lighting and some fish and you will want to enjoy the tranquility of the flow for hours.

Walkway Installation

We have the support of some of the most talented foremen in the industry. All brick installation projects are customizable and will make your landscape look completely unique. We also offer our clients a variety of choices in colour, brick design, texture and aesthetics.  We make the best of use stone in our landscaping projects. Stone has eternal beauty. We have perfected the art of integrating natural flagstone and precast interlock brick into walls, rockeries, walks, accents and driveways.  When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality work. We have years of experience in the construction and landscaping business. It is this experience that distinguishes us from our competition.

Decks and fences

Fences ensure privacy. They will turn your home into a snug haven. You may also enjoy relaxing on a deck. Modern vinyl decks are highly durable and require less maintenance.


Exterior lighting adds a dramatic appeal to your home. We make excellent use of lighting to showcase your home. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer competitive warranties.

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