If you’re like most homeowners, your backyard pool area is your sanctuary where you escape from the outside world. It is a place where family and friends gather for fun, quality time and outdoor enjoyment during the hot days of summer. When considering your poolscaping options, there are three primary goals that you are trying to achieve, beautification, privacy and shade.

Creating a sense of privacy around your pool is an important aspect for you and your family because it is not easy to relax and feel comfortable when you feel exposed. A well-designed landscape can be inspiring by providing a sense of calm, awe and balance while boosting your spirits and giving you solace. With a little proper planning, you can complete a landscape that suits your needs so that you have enough time to relax and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Pool Landscape Design

All garden landscapes start out with a carefully thought out landscape design. You can check out several design layouts through the Internet, read some books or even take some courses if you are that motivated. The other option is to hire a professional landscape designer to help you accomplish your poolside landscaping goals. Whichever route you choose, you will want to consider your personal tastes and style, such as complex designs or clean, simple lines. A good indicator of your preference is the aesthetic design of the inside of your home and how you can extend it to your pool area.

You may have a favorite combination of plant colours that you want to see incorporated into the design surrounding the pool. Maintenance is an important aspect of landscape design and you will want to consider how many hours per week you want to spend tending to the gardens. For some people it’s a passion and for others it’s a chore. These considerations will go a long way in determining the complexity of the design. Lastly, your total landscaping budget is a main topic that should be discussed in the early planning process because it should represent approximately fifteen to twenty percent of the value of your property.

Pool Decking

Adding a deck adjacent to your pool can add interest, beauty and visual appeal to your poolside retreat. The pool decking can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes or heights and it can be used for many purposes from sun tanning or an entertainment space for cooking and dining. Oversized umbrellas, planters and an arbor structure can create an ambiance of privacy and style. There are a variety of deck building materials available such as natural stone, concrete, cement pavers and wood.

Rockery & Trees for Pools

Although most people think landscaping focuses only on flowers, ground covers and shrubs, rockery can provide an added dimension for privacy to your pool area. Stones provide varying heights and curves that make the landscape interesting and unique. Stones can be used for either building or ornamental purposes and they are a perfect complement to water for their form, texture and characteristics. When you integrate rocks into the landscape, you create a dramatic focal point around the pool.

Trees can be planted around the pool and act as a privacy screen, but they should have non-aggressive root systems. If you are considering adding trees to the landscape, some options that work well are narrow varieties of conifer, certain species of flowering trees and the layered look of planting trees with shrubs. Well-positioned trees can provide privacy, wind protection and an ideal shelter for visiting birds.

Pool Structures & Fences

Structures and fencing are the perfect solution for creating a private oasis and greatly compliment a pool. They provide an architectural feature to the backyard while offering some seclusion for the homeowner. The structures can be designed to maximize the potential of the pool views with relaxation areas of comfortable enclosures. Some of the types of buildings to consider are pergolas, gazebos, pool houses and cabanas.

Fencing around swimming pools is not only a must for the purpose of safety when small children are present, but the right fence is a beautiful backdrop to the gardens and offers a great deal of privacy. To soften the look of fencing you can choose to add luscious flowering vines for a spectacular show of colour.

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