Backyard water features are a calming element that enhances your outdoor experience. Waterfalls in particular are becoming increasingly popular because they can be built with many different materials and styles. Our team of professionals will work with you to design the perfect waterfall to compliment your unique outdoor setting. Whether your waterfall trickles into a pool or a pond, your custom waterfall is sure to relax and captivate your guests.

Pool Waterfalls

Bring a piece of paradise into your backyard with a customized pool waterfall. Waterfalls that flow into your pool are extremely soothing and help turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat.

You have many different style options for pool waterfalls and landscape designers are constantly coming up with new innovative concepts. To create a grand impression, choose a waterfall that flows over large rocks into your pool. If you prefer a more minimalistic look, small water curtain waterfalls would be perfect for your outdoor setting.

Explore your waterfall options to choose the perfect water feature for your unique backyard. Once you pick the type of waterfall you also have the ability to choose the speed and arch of the water. These options provide numerous ways of incorporating a water feature into your pool to create a unique backyard focal point. Another advantage to pool waterfalls is that they improve water circulation which helps eliminate murkiness and ensures that pool chemicals are evenly distributed. The improved circulation will help you achieve the ideal pH level. This often overlooked benefits makes the tedious task of maintaining a pool a little easier.

Enhance your waterfall by adding complimentary LED lights that showcase the beauty of your water feature from dusk to dawn. LED lights have many different colour settings and newer systems even feature an option that allows you to correlate your lights to your music. LED Lights are great for entertaining because they provide a captivating backdrop for your guests during late night get-togethers.

Pond Waterfalls

Pond waterfalls are another great option because they are very therapeutic and turn your backyard into your very own personal retreat. For an effective waterfall surround your pond with greenery. The mix of plants and flowers add to your landscape and heighten your natural setting. It is very important to keep in mind the types of plants and flowers you choose because many plants cannot survive in extremely damp conditions.

Two common pond flowers are Canna and Black Gamecock Iris’ because both types of flower blossom in very sunny wet environments. Orange Canna’s and black Gamecock Irises are a popular flower combination because they complement one another and provide a brilliant colour contrast. Another tip to keep in mind while choosing plants and flowers is their bloom time. By picking plants the will bloom for a longer period you are extending the beauty of your backyard water feature.

Aside from the therapeutic benefits, waterfalls increase water circulation which prevents algae growth. By slowing algae build up you are ultimately making your pond lower maintenance because the cleaning requirements will be reduced. The water circulation also creates high oxygen water levels which will help maintain a healthy ecosystem. The oxygenated water is ideal for the growth of your plants and fish that live in your pond.

The possibilities with backyard waterfalls are endless. Create a stunning, low maintenance waterfall today and obtain the numerous benefits these very simple backyard accessories provide. Enjoy the mesmerizing sounds of cascading water, tranquil plant movement and relaxation from the privacy of your own oasis. Explore your options today and find the perfect water feature for your backyard.